Expanded Digitisation & Transfer Services

Studer A800 1

We can play & restore your old audio tapes! 

As older recordings age and deteriorate, the risk of losing important works from the last 100 years increases significantly. For example, most tapes made after the late 1970’s are prone to shedding their oxide layer, which literally makes the audio disappear.

As such, we have recently expanded our capabilities for audio digitisation and transfers, including setting up new facilities and servicing/acquiring equipment to playback many formats including analogue and digital tape, vinyl, cassette, DAT and U-Matic masters. Our methods of working with all formats have proven to have a near 100% success rate, and our climate controlled working environments preserve the material from on-going damage.

You can find more info on our digitisation and transfer services here, or contact Anthony Garvin on digitisation@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888

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