Recent Gear updates

The Fairchild 670 on it's way back into Studio 2 in Sydney

The Fairchild 670 on its way back into Studio 2 in Sydney

Fairchild re-tubing, UAD plugins, TC M6000 reverb… We’ve been beavering away…

Our renowned Fairchild 670 valve compressor has just had all 20+ valves replaced, it’s been serviced and is back in Studio 2 in Sydney. It sounds better than it ever has!

Also in Studio 2 in Sydney, we’ve recently added a TC Electronics M6000 reverb/effect unit, adding to the Lexicon 480L, EMT 251, TC M5000, AMS RMX16 and Eventide Harmonizer already lush’ing out your mixes in there.

Over in our recently improved Studio 6, we’ve added a Universal Audio Apollo Quad interface AND an Ultimate UAD license – meaning we have almost every plugin for UAD installed and running on the mac!

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