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Event Hire Sydney

90 years of music history
in an exclusive and unforgettable venue.

Who we are

Studios 301, the most renowned and longest-running recording studio in the Southern Hemisphere is now exclusively available as a one-of-a-kind, boutique venue for your event.


Our facility, featuring the flagship Studio One, can easily be adapted to suit various corporate or private events including conferences, product launches, film shoots, intimate dinners, listening parties, live performances and even full facility takeovers to name a few.

From David Bowie, Prince, Stevie Nicks and Elton John to Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Coldplay, Studios 301 is part of music history – now it’s your turn.

With Studios 301 it’s more than an event, it’s an experience.

Event Types

  • private events
  • media calls
  • exhibitions
  • fashion shows
  • cocktail parties
  • conferences
  • product launches
  • film shoots
  • intimate dinners
  • listening parties
  • live performances
  • full facility take-overs


  • Recording facilities
  • State-of-the-art acoustics
  • Playback equipment
  • Live performance spaces
  • Outside space
  • Parking
  • WiFi

Your Experience

Go behind-the-scenes of a real life working recording studio and take an insider’s tour of our grand facility. Explore the process of how music is recorded and find out what really happens when your favourite artist lays down tracks at Studios 301. This exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience is complimentary during standard business hours and available at an additional cost outside of these hours.

Step into one of the world’s finest acoustically designed studios to listen to music recorded in our studios and on our flagship control surface, the iconic Neve 88R.

We have recently formed a partnership with SongDivisiona global leader in collaborative musical experiences, to offer an exclusive and customisable VIP Recording Studio Experience.

The Venue
Breathtaking individual spaces, heavenly in harmony. Mix and master your space to compose an experience that resonates with you.

Studio 1

The recording centrepiece to the stars

The Lobby

The Lobby is drama, excitement – the perfect entrance

Other Spaces

Over 1000m2 of unique and versatile space

Site Map

The event possibilities are infinite

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