3b Ellis Ave, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia
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The Venue
Breathtaking individual spaces, heavenly in harmony. Mix and master your space to compose an experience that resonates with you.

Studio 1

Find the inner rock God within while you imbibe your favourite tipple inside Studio One – the recording centrepiece to the stars. Comprised of a beautiful custom built live recording space, two isolation booths and a state-of-the-art control room, it is our grand opus. Bedecked with gorgeous polished parquetry flooring, a proud nod to our studio heritage, it is an impressive space with an ambience all of its own. The only tier one recording studio in Australia, Studio One is unarguably the focal point of one of the world’s finest acoustically designed facilities – and the best know it.

  • AREA 202m²
  • CEILING HEIGHT 4m – 4.6m
  • CAPACITY 180 standing
  • HIRE RATE Please enquire below
  • RATE INCLUDES power & internet
  • RATE DOES NOT INCLUDE staffing, technical equipment & AV elements
  • 3 Separate Entrances
  • 4 Separate Spaces
  • Climate Control
  • High Ceilings
  • Parquet Floor
  • Cloakroom Space
  • Ambient Wall Lighting
  • Grand Piano
  • Dimmable Lighting
  • Conference Seating

The Lobby

Behind grand sliding doors lies exclusive entry to the world of music. Black textured walls are adorned with platinum records and guitars in a setting which is contemporary, yet so unmistakably rock’n’roll. Mood lighting strikes across the undulating upper walls and onto the soaring ceiling above. Two low-slung mid-century lounges face each other in anticipation as a shiny, black grand piano awaits its next tune. The Lobby is drama, excitement – the perfect entrance.

  • AREA 80m² + 60m² Lobby + Break Out Space
  • CEILING HEIGHT 2.38m – 7.27m
  • CAPACITY 90 + 67 standing
  • HIRE RATE Please enquire below
  • RATE INCLUDES power & internet
  • RATE DOES NOT INCLUDE staffing, technical equipment & AV elements
  • 3 Separate Entrances
  • Grand Main Doors
  • Climate Control
  • Rego/Reception Desk
  • High, Industrial Ceilings
  • Break Out Area
  • Kitchenette With Bar Fridge
  • Coffee Machine
  • Grand Piano

Other Spaces

With over 1000m2 of unique and versatile space, at our new Studios 301 facility, the event possibilities are infinite. Each space is easily adaptable to suit your event, working in unison with Studio 1 and the Lobby. Add Studio 2, Studio 3, Studio 4, Greenroom, Boardroom and more.

  • Meetings
  • Control Rooms
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Production Rooms
  • Break Out Spaces
  • First Aid & Quiet Rooms

Site Map

Your Experience

Go behind-the-scenes of a real life working recording studio and take an insider’s tour of our grand facility. Explore the process of how music is recorded and find out what really happens when your favourite artist lays down tracks at Studios 301. This exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experience is complimentary during standard business hours and available at an additional cost outside of these hours.

Step into one of the world’s finest acoustically designed studios to listen to music recorded in our studios and on our flagship control surface, the iconic Neve 88R.

We have recently formed a partnership with SongDivisiona global leader in collaborative musical experiences, to offer an exclusive and customisable VIP Recording Studio Experience.

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