Stefan Du Randt Unattended Mixing


Download Stefan’s Mix Preparation Guide
Two rounds of revisions (12 points each) can be provided on a new date.
Any extra revisions are charged at the engineer’s hourly rate.

 song(s) at $800.00

Project Details

  • I have read and understood the FAQs
  • I printed all audio, virtual instruments and any additional effects or processing
  • All the multi-track files are printed from the same starting point
  • All files have the same sample rate and bit depth
  • All files are clearly labelled
  • I’m happy with the recordings and the performances
  • I have completed all editing and tuning
  • Any creative effects integral to the production (filter sweeps, vocoder etc.) should be printed into the tracks
  • I understand that there’s a 5 minute and 100 multi-track file limit (if needed, print multi-track files to stereo stems)
  • I agree to the Terms & Conditions



Stefan du Randt is one of the select few engineers who work exclusively from Studios 301 and has capitalised on that by building a reputation as a prolific mixing engineer.

Stefan’s approach is always to go above and beyond to get the best out of a record often adding additional production elements utilising an array of outboard gear.

Boomchild, Eagle Eye Jones, RISSA, St. Christoph & Shaade, Voli K, Dylan Wright, Satin Cali, Chelsea Warner, Ally George