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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 301 Academy?

How many hours does the student commit to over the 5 week course?

There are 15 sessions ranging from 4 hour nights to full 10 hour sessions over weekends making up nearly 100 hours + social events and including additional personal studio time. The 5 week course is built around nights and weekends so that any participant can work whilst they attend. The “sessions” are all actual recording, mixing and mastering sessions with our engineering/ producer team and artist.

What is the cost for the 5 week course?

The cost of the course is $5,000 + GST.

Are installment plans available?

Payment can be split over 3 instalments or there are additional payment solution options via our partner TLC.

What formal qualification does the student receive after completing the 5 week course?

The course is an all practical experience and a chance for participants to sit in real sessions. Consequently the course is unaccredited. What the 301 academy aims to deliver is the rare chance to experience actual recording sessions at the studios with our engineers and access to industry.

Do participants have to have an audio degree?

An audio qualification is preferable but equivalent industry experience is accepted. The course will not be covering basics and there will be an assumed level of knowledge needed to participate. As mentioned above the sessions will be real recording sessions with the artist.

What skills or experience do I need to have before taking this course?

As Pro Tools is our primary DAW it is preferable for participants to have basic to intermediate knowledge of it. This is not essential though as the techniques and workflow covered will be applicable to any DAW.

Do I need to buy anything before I start the course?

No. Use of your own computer and DAW will be needed to do a personal mix during the 5 weeks.

What if my circumstances change and I can’t attend one or more sessions?

After booking this course course you are responsible for attending all dates and we do not refund, nor accept any liability for your loss of course time. As the academy aims to replicate the real life working scenario for an end to end recording project, subsequently there will be no make up sessions available as they are based around the availability and schedule of the actual artist.

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