Kiah Gossner

Producer • Recording Engineer • Mix Engineer

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Kiah Gossner began his music career as a precocious session musician and collaborator. He quickly became a go-to producer for those looking for a sophisticated edge on their recordings. His work has seen him collaborate with: Iluka x Lime Cordial, Didirri, Timberwolf, Sloan Peterson, Annie Bass, Lilac Cove, MANE, Aaron Thomas, Kaurna Cronin, Oh Delia, Daniel Champagne, Lauren Henderson and Oisima (amongst others). 

Kiah’s broad skill set includes song writing, production, orchestration, recording and mixing. These talents enable Kiah to fully see through a recording from inception to release, helping it realise its full artistic potential. 

As well as his work within the music industry Kiah is a Composer for film, theatre, and TV. His credits include: Australian Dance Theatre, Nike x Rebel, The State Theatre Company, The Rowdy Group, The Adelaide Festival Centre and AUS Fashion Labels as well as many independent directors and film makers.

  • Nominated “Best Producer/Audio Engineer” – 2017 and 2020 SA Music Awards
  • Nominated “Best Music Composition 2019” South Australian Screen Awards
  • Nominated “Young South Australian Achiever Award” 2019 and 2020 Seven News Young Achiever Awards


  • “Kiah Gossner is one of the most brilliant-minded creatives that I’ve had the pleasure of writing with. His production prows are cemented by years of dedicated studio work, with a diverse catalogue of his own projects as well as many others’. His positive energy is infectious to be around, as are his fun and inventive approaches to song-writing collaborations. His inspiration to create is also cemented by performing live in many different bands, nationally and internationally, where he meets other creatives from all over. He’s collaborated hands-on with heaps of emerging talented young Australian artists, developing a reputation as a producer, musician and music-lover with a passion. Kiah has garnered much respect in the Australian music scene and I’m honoured to have worked with him.”

  • “One of the most involved and mindful producers I have worked with. Always in tune with creating an inspiring environment to capture the best of an artist and develop ideas. A brilliant, young, creative mind with a wealth of knowledge beyond his years and already a diverse collection of works”

    Kaurna Cronin
  • “I am lucky to have the pleasure of playing music along-side Kiah. He has an incredible knowledge of multiple instruments and a keen ear for how a composition best comes together in both a live and recorded sense. It’s rare to meet a musician with such a broad range of skills at his disposal in both live and studio environments. He’s great company on the road, he is a great listener and his cool-headed nature best shines in Kiah’s ability to collaborate. It’s an absolute delight working with someone with such a generous capacity to see a task through with a most-capable execution and most of all a desire to bring a vision to life regardless of who’s journey it’s in aid of.”

  • Multi-award winning South Australian musician, producer and composer Kiah Gossner is one of the country’s most innovative and talented young artists.

    Adelaide Festival Centre 2019

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