Stefan Du Randt, Technical Insights

Stefan Du Randt breaks down DOBBY’s “Ancestor” Dolby Atmos Mix

Stefan Du Randt breaks down the mixing of DOBBY’s “Ancestor” in Dolby Atmos Music and highlights the tricks and techniques to mixing a track in spatial audio. From surrounding to immersive, Dolby Atmos is the next step in the evolution of spatial audio. Dolby Atmos Music takes your listening experience beyond the ordinary and puts […]

October 8th 2022   

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Stereo vs Surround vs Dolby Atmos – What’s The Difference?

The way we listen to audio is changing – it’s becoming bigger, bolder and more immersive than ever before.  While the Dolby Atmos logo can now be found practically everywhere (on your TV, in your local cinema, even on your phone), have you ever wondered what makes it special? How is it different from surround […]

September 28th 2022   

Harvey O'Sullivan, Technical Insights

Tips on archiving your music files

A request we frequently receive at the studios is: “Do you have a copy of my files? My laptop/hard drive died and I don’t have them anymore”

October 28th 2020   

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‘Mastered for iTunes (MFiT)’ rebrands as ‘Apple Digital Masters (ADM)’

You may have noticed that with the introduction of iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, Apple’s iTunes software application has disappeared from the Mac and been replaced by three separate apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. The iTunes Store does still exist, however is now housed within the Apple Music application. In 2012, Apple […]

November 26th 2019   

Owen Butcher, Recording, Technical Insights

Working with Cold Chisel

Studios 301 recently hosted the legendary Cold Chisel recording their new album in Studio 1 with producer Kevin Shirley. Our assistant engineer Owen Butcher who was on the sessions gives his recap of the experience and working alongside arguably the biggest act in Australian Rock. written by Owen Butcher Despite working at a well known […]

September 11th 2019   

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How do I prepare my tracks / files for mastering?

Here at Studios 301, we field a lot of questions on how tracks should be prepared and submitted for mastering. Modern day digital audio workstations can throw up a dizzying array of options at the export window, thus we’ve outlined our preferences on how you can provide your mixes to our mastering engineers for optimal […]

March 13th 2017   

Jack Prest, Technical Insights

Five Ways To Get Weird-by Jack Prest

Blog by Jack Prest, Producer/ Engineer at Studios 301 If you’re working on electronic music production or online mixing, there will come a point in every track that you need to send things a little left of centre. Here’s some tips on how to get a little freak into your beats. 1. Crystallizer – Sound […]

December 19th 2016   

Harvey O'Sullivan, Technical Insights

My top 5 free VST Plugins

By Harvey O’Sullivan Plugins have come a long way, so much so that many people are now working purely ‘in-the-box’. While some of the big name developers are selling plugins for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, there are a tonne of great indie developers releasing plugs for free. The following is by no means […]

August 16th 2016   

Jack Prest, Technical Insights

5 EQ Plugins To Use On Every Mix   

by Jack Prest One of the key tools in the mix engineer’s toolbox is EQ (I’m going to presume if you’re reading this you know what that stands for).  Used for subtle cleaning of sounds right up to heavy sculpting, getting your EQ right is the key ingredient to getting a mix that’s got definition […]

July 6th 2016   

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Ben Feggans on Loudness – Part 2

Loudness Part 2 In the second part of this blog on loudness I’m going to delve more into metering and dynamic range in order to compare your music to other releases. Level Matching I often receive feedback from people that their track doesn’t sound like it has the same low end impact and presence as […]

August 12th 2014