Studios 301 Academy

Studios 301 Academy

A one-of-a-kind practical experience
direct from Australia’s leading recording studio
and engineering team.

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Direct from Australia’s
leading recording studio


The 301 Academy is a one of a kind practical experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Hosted by the award winning 301 engineering team, the academy is Australia’s only direct-to-industry, practical recording studio experience that enables up and coming engineers and producers a chance to level up their existing skills.

Our team will take 12 engineers through a real end-to-end recording project over a 6 week period, providing the framework to develop their skills and bridge the gap between the completion of a tertiary audio degree and working in the industry as a professional engineer.

A broad variety of sessions are covered, ranging from pre-production to recording, vocal production, track production, mixing, and mastering.

Drum recording session: 301 Academy

301 Academy Alumni

  • Being a part of the 301 Academy really inspired me to take my career to the next level and it helped me learn a lot of aspects about production, vocal production and mixing that you can’t just learn on the Internet. The team are all so good at what they do and they really do care about each and every student that comes through the doors. Every question I had was answered in depth and that new level of understanding has really helped me come out of the experience a better musician.

    MansusMansusMusic Producer & 301 Academy Alumni
  • The 301 Academy opened my eyes to aspects of being a producer that you simply can’t learn unless you’re actually in the room. The opportunity to go through a record's creation to release taught me so many important aspects of working in the industry aside from writing a great record. It would be an understatement to say the 301 Academy made me a better producer, engineer & artist.

    LukaeLukaeMusic Producer & 301 Academy Alumni
  • “The Studios 301 Academy was a real industry experience I recommend anyone looking to grasp or get a feel for how the music recording industry works, regardless of their background. The Academy has validated, and further improved the recording practices and techniques I've used up to this point in my career.  I must say that Stefan and Jack were "open books" when sharing their knowledge and experience as well as being supportive as a collective knowledge within the engineers.”

    Jorge Van Den BrandeJorge Van Den BrandeStudios 301 Academy 2019
  • “The Academy Project opened my eyes to industry level production. To learn from engineers who have worked with some of my musical heroes was a great honour. I now have access to first class recording, mixing and mastering techniques. Because of the academy, my clientele in Melbourne and overseas has grown and there’s a confidence in my voice when I go to events and network with musicians, artists and other producers. The fire in me burns brighter and stronger. A massive thank you to Ron and the whole team at Studios 301.”

    Jaime FuentesJaime FuentesStudios 301 Academy 2019

The Studios and Team

Studios 301 are the market leader in the Australian recording industry where world renowned engineers, producers and artists facilitate their projects day in and day out.

We are an extended network of engineers, producers and creatives working from the largest recording studios facility in the southern hemisphere. The studios are not a classroom, this is the real place where records get made and the 301 Academy experience reflects that.

Simon Cohen in Studio 3 - 301 Academy session

Network direct with the music industry

The 301 Academy is your introduction to relationships, networks and a creative community that will guide you through the rest of your career. In addition to establishing connections with the Studios 301 extended community of engineers and producers, you will receive a unique insight into navigating the business side of the music industry via introductions to key decision makers including artist managers, music publishers, and legendary A&Rs. Upon completion of the 6 week experience, you will have access to Studios 301’s invite-only industry and networking events held for a 12 month period.

Jack Garzonio - Audio Engineer during 301 Academy Sessions


studio sessions in Studio 1, Studio 2, Studio 3 and Mastering Suites


hours of in-studio session time


engineers per project


  • 1 complimentary session in Studio 2 including assistant and access to all studio microphones and equipment
  • Ongoing deals on studio rates and services
  • 12 months of exclusive events, discounts on studio spaces, services, masterclasses and more

Session Schedule

Week 1

  • Induction event
  • Pre-production and recording setup with artist
  • Recording session weekend

Week 2

  • Vocal recording introduction with Simon Cohen
  • 301 industry event
  • Vocal recording with Simon Cohen

Week 3

  • Mix preparation
  • Mixing weekend

Week 4

  • Mix revisions
  • File management and archiving
  • Mastering with Steve Smart and Harvey O’Sullivan

Week 5

  • A&R Masterclass with Peter Karpin
  • Mental Health and wellbeing training facilitated by Listen Up Music
  • Business consults including APRA AMCOS workshop, business structure, tax implications contracts and more

Week 6

  • Finishing night and 301 industry event 

Studios 301

Duration: 6 Weeks

AU$5,000 + GST

Instalments available
Payment solutions available from $35/week** find out more

Entry Requirements:

  • tertiary audio degree or
  • similar relevant industry experience
  • proficiency in Pro Tools recommended but not essential


A combination of evening sessions & full-day weekend sessions.

Applications are open for January 2023!


* Duration of sessions subject to change based on recording needs and artist availability

** T&C’s apply: Speak to TLC for a direct quote based on your personal circumstances and receive our full terms and conditions. A full credit and financial assessment will need to be completed prior to the acceptance of any offer or product.
Australian Credit License Number 509691

The Studios

Studio 1 Control Room

Studio 2 Control Room SSL 9000K

Studio 2 Control Room

Studio 3 Control Room

Studio 10 - Leon Zervos & Harvey O’Sullivan

Studio 10 – Mastering

Contributors and Practitioners

  • I created the Studios 301 Academy to give upcoming engineers a chance to have an all practical experience and understand what it's like working from Australia’s only top-tier studio. This is not an audio engineering school, this is removing people from their classrooms or home studios and putting them in one of the world's best studios with real working engineers. That experience combined with complete access to the extended professional music community is an invaluable experience you can only get at 301.

    Tom MisnerTom MisnerStudios 301 Owner / SAE Founder
  • Getting to be in the room and watch while records were actually being made was a huge part of my development as an engineer. Hearing how the song was supposed to sound at each stage of the process, from raw recordings through to finished mix and then master, really helped me understand what I was trying to achieve at each stage. In an era when most people don’t get the advantage of coming up through the hierarchy of a busy working studio I think it’s great that we can offer an opportunity to bridge the gap.

    Simon CohenSimon CohenVocal Engineer And Producer
    (Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Starley, Thelma Plum, Thundamentals)
  • Studios 301 Academy experience is the perfect culmination for anyone who has been studying to break into the recording end of the Music Industry. In my close to 5 decades of working in the Music Industry in A&R and Promotions, I’ve not seen a project that in 5 weeks gives such a comprehensive and thorough insight into the important aspects of operating as an up and coming Engineer/Producer. I look forward to being involved and giving an overview of the key elements needed in creating great music that can rise above the competition in a world that is more crowded than ever before when it comes to talent.

    Peter KarpinPeter KarpinMusic Consultant, Former Director A&R Sony, Universal Music
  • From a mastering engineer perspective, the ability to sit in a mix session and have direct dialogue with a mix engineer is invaluable and very unique to 301. For upcoming engineers, being able to see an end-to-end overview of the entire process, and understand first hand how these relationships work is something you can't find in any other studios in the country. That’s what sets this apart.

    Steve SmartSteve SmartChief Mastering Engineer
    (Midnight Oil, Tash Sultana, Ocean Alley, Vance Joy, DZ Deathrays, Empire of the Sun, Flume, Kasey Chambers, The Whitlams, British India, Cub Sport)
  • 301 is a no compromise world class studio that I dreamt of working at as a younger engineer in South Africa. I would have loved to have the opportunity to see behind the glass how working professionals, who’ve been through the intern/runner/assistant program (this normally takes about 4 years), run a session from start to finish with no excuses. It’s an amazing opportunity and privilege.

    Stefan Du RandtStefan Du RandtRecording and mix engineer
    (Polish Club, Paces, Guy Sebastian, Vallis Alps, Touch Sensitive, Delta Goodrem)
  • Studios 301 Academy represents a unique opportunity in the world of audio education. The opportunity to learn from Australia's best engineers in a high end studio complex is something I would have jumped at when I was fresh out for audio school.

    Harvey O’SullivanHarvey O’SullivanMastering Engineer
    (Touch Sensitive, triple j House Party, the Fbi Northern lights EP, Flight Facilities)
  • Upholding the highest standard of audio excellence is what it means to be a 301 engineer. Even as engineers we spend every day in the studio continually learning to be better. The academy is a chance for upcoming engineers to understand this in the real world.

    Jack GarzonioJack GarzonioEngineer, Assistant Engineer, Producer
    (Katy Perry, Zedd, A$AP Rocky, Brockhampton, Skepta, Rae Sremmurd, Amy Shark, CLEWS, Touch Sensitive, Cosmos Midnight, Dean Lewis, The Necks, David Campbell and MXXWLL)
  • At Listen Up Music, we strongly believe in the strong links between music and mental health. We are also acutely aware of the lack of mental health education for those embarking on careers in the music industry. That's why we're really excited about partnering with Studios 301 to offer mental health education as part of their upcoming Academy.

    Ali TaylorAli TaylorFounder & CEO at Listen Up Music

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