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The only Finishing School for Audio Engineers

Studios 301 Academy is a fully immersive, all practical, hands on course hosted by the award winning 301 engineering and producer team. Bridging the gap between the completion of a tertiary audio degree or diploma, and working as part of the next generation of professional sound engineers.

With theoretical knowledge of sound engineering as a prerequisite, the course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of studio techniques and workflows by pairing you with a curated team of Australia’s most knowledgeable practitioners, facilitating real-world scenarios from Australia’s only top tier recording facility.

Working directly with an artist, our engineers will demonstrate the end-to-end process of a project taking the artist from pre-production, production & recording, mixing, and mastering. Furthermore, the course will provide a unique insight into how to navigate your way through the business side of the music industry by introducing you to some of the industry’s key decision makers including artist managers, music publishers, and legendary A&Rs.

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We will let you know as soon as applications are open.