Announcing the New 301 Internship Program

Studios 301 has taken interns for work experience for many decades, being proud to offer an opportunity to up-and-coming music professionals who are interested in recording, mixing or mastering.

After recently seeking feedback and suggestions from our previous interns, we have overhauled our internship program, ensuring that we provide relevant experience to all our interns – and that we give back as much as we are given by them.

If you are interested in applying, please see the information below.


Studios 301 believes in honouring tradition, whilst contributing to the progression of music and music production. Our passion is helping musicians and producers bring their art to life.

Our internship program has been developed to nurture the best of new talent in Australia, and to provide a unique insight into how professional music recordings are made. Many of our previous interns have gone onto paid employment with organisations like us at Studios 301, as well as Sing Sing Studios, Channel 9 and The Voice.

As a Studios 301 intern, you will be gaining experience directly with our Studio Runners, taking part in:

  • Session setup, including amps, drums, mics, other equipment and patching.
  • Session breakdown and recalls.
  •  The daily up-keep routines, including facility prep, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Servicing our clients with tea, coffee, meals and other requests.
  • Basic equipment repairs and maintenance.
  • There may also be opportunities to sit in on recording sessions.


We are looking for Australia’s next generation of the best producers and engineers. These individuals will have a devotion to music and music production, be keen to learn, happy to help, have a great attitude and be thirsty to be part of a studio community. They are people that we would consider hiring, if an opportunity arose.


  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must be an Australian Resident.
  • You must have a ravenous interest in audio engineering and music production.
  • You must have some prior experience – formal qualifications, complimentary professional experience, or a body of work behind you.
  • You must be available 33 hours a week for 6 weeks.


  • Please read, and re-read the above information. If it 110% doesn’t resonate with you, please don’t apply.
  • Send your resume, and a cover letter explaining why you are interested, to
  • If we would like to talk further with you, we will ask that you complete an online questionnaire, before possibly being asked for a meeting.
  • With over 300 applications per year, we simply don’t have the capacity to handle phone enquiries, so please don’t call.