Adrian Breakspear Two-Day Recording and Production Masterclass

301 Masterclass presents

Adrian Breakspear: Two-Day Recording and Production Masterclass

Learn directly from GRAMMY-nominated and ARIA-winning producer, engineer and mixer Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths, Boy and Bear, Johnny Hunter, Pharrell)



Join GRAMMY-nominated and ARIA-winning producer, engineer and mixer Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths, Boy and Bear, Johnny Hunter, Pharrell) for an exclusive Two-Day Masterclass at Studios 301 in Sydney.

Recording a live band in Studio 1, Adrian will take a practical deep dive into his engineering, recording and production approach whilst making a record in real-time. This masterclass will be an incredible learning experience with Adrian sharing his knowledge and techniques, enabling the event’s participants to develop their professional practice and explore new musical territory.

The classes are scheduled to start at 10am and finish at approx. 6pm (if more time is needed, the session may be extended).

When are the classes?

  • TBA – 2023

What will be covered?

Day 1 (10am – 6pm) will include:

  • Approaching a recording session – the role of the producer and engineer, the session’s aim, and the process of recording a live band in the studio
  • Demonstration and discussion of recording setup for band recording – drums/bass guitar
  • Microphone selection and positioning, gain staging, processing on the record path
  • Getting the monitor mixes right
  • Initial takes recording the instrumental “bed” tracks – recording the band live in the studio, capturing and editing drums, replacing (or keeping) the other elements
  • Approach to overdubs and recording additional instrumental parts
  • Editing workflow

Day 2 (10am – 6pm) will include:

  • Vocal tracking – mic choice, headphone mixes, Adrian’s approach to comping a lead vocal
  • Backing vocals – doubles, harmonies, and ad-libs. Having a speedy workflow for building up multiple layers
  • Vocal tuning – when, how & why
  • Mixing – starting a mix, templates, when to subgroup, tips and tricks. When to “break the rules”!
  • Automation and finishing touches, metering and mix buss processing
  • The masterclass will conclude with a Q&A Session


  • 2 sessions, 16 hours total
  • 10AM – 6PM (or longer)
  • Studios 301
    3b Ellis Ave, Alexandria NSW, 2015
  • Adrian Breakspear

A$500.00 +GST

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About Adrian Breakspear

Adrian Breakspear is a Sydney-based GRAMMY-nominated and ARIA-winning producer, engineer and mixer whose credits include Gang of Youths, Boy and Bear, Johnny Hunter, Ricky Martin and Pharrell.

Adrian began his career in London in 2001 and spent 11 years working in some of London’s most iconic studios, including MilocoStrongroom and Abbey Road. In 2012 Adrian moved to Sydney, where he was the in-house engineer for Sony Music and freelanced with artists across many genres for nine years. He is currently making his wealth of knowledge and experience available as a part of the Studios 301 roster of engineers and producers.

In 2017 Adrian won the ‘Producer of the Year’ ARIA Award for his work on Gang of Youths’ sophomore album, ‘Go Farther in Lightness’. Adrian also has two ARIA ‘Engineer of the Year’ nominations and a Grammy Nomination for his work on Pharrell’s chart-topping album, ‘G I R L’.