Screen Music: Compose, Produce, Sync with Amara Primero

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301 Masterclass presents

Screen Music: Compose, Produce, Sync with Amara Primero

4 Week Masterclass

25 October 2022 – 16 November 2022
7pm start time
4 sessions, 12 hours total + Industry Event

Take a deep dive into how you get your music from your studio to the screen from composition to production to sync.


Take a deep dive into how you get your music from your studio to the screen from composition to production to sync.

Join us to learn from composer, founder and CEO of Primerchord Production Music, Amara Primero on how to maximise your sync opportunities in the industry. This 4-week course will take you through in detail what it takes to go from writing, composing and producing music to landing it in the hands of the right people who can get your music placed on film, tv and radio.

When are the classes?

  • Session 1: Tuesday 25th Oct – 7pm – 10pm
  • Studios 301 Industry Event: Thursday 27th Oct – 7pm onwards
  • Session 2: Wednesday 2nd Nov – 7pm – 10pm
  • Session 3: Tuesday 8th Nov – 7pm – 10pm
  • Session 4: Wednesday 16th Nov – 7pm – 10pm

What do you need to bring along?

To get the most out of the course, please bring:

  • A laptop with a DAW installed (we’ll be using Logic Pro but any DAW you’re familiar with will work)
  • Headphones

What will be covered?

Session 1: An introductory session; Understanding the Brief: establishing genre and mood + practical, live in-person compositional examples

Session 2: Writing an Effective Cue + live in-person example. Students will have an opportunity to begin writing in-class

Session 3: Create: this session is a practical class. Amara and other instructors will be available to guide students through the composing process.

Session 4: Getting down to business: A session focussing on turning the musical “product” into a business. How to practically go about writing music and staying consistent, for maximum placement. Also an opportunity to submit final compositions for sync consideration.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this Screen Music: Compose, Produce, Sync course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the requirements of an industry brief
  • Understand and apply compositional techniques and musical concepts to genre and mood
  • Compose a cue with an understanding of style, musical contour and suitable compositional techniques associated with writing an effective cue.
  • Understand and apply basic production techniques, specs and deliverables for the industry
  • Understand fundamental practices in the music business and what it takes to maximise your sync opportunities


“Primerchord is always open to having composers pitch their work and finding ways that we can collaborate together. This workshop will be the perfect opportunity to work with the Primerchord team to create works that will be suited for immediate pitch to the library.” 

Amara Primero – Primerchord


Tue 25th Oct – Wed 16th Nov

  • 4 sessions, 12 hours total + Industry Event
  • 7PM – 10PM
  • Abbey Road Institute Sydney
    629 Gardeners Road, Mascot NSW, 2020
    Studios 301
    3b Ellis Ave, Alexandria NSW, 2015
  • Amara Primero

All days: A$550.00 inc. GST

Single day: A$137.50 inc. GST

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About Amara Primero

APRA AMCOS Ambassador

Amara Primero is a screen composer, currently working on a slate of shows in Australia and the USA, where she has worked and collaborated with some of the industry’s most acclaimed TV directors and producers. Amara was the Winner of the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards (LACA) 2019 for Best Original Music Score (Stille Nacht) and a Finalist in the 2019 Music + Sounds Awards. She was the composer on the 2022 feature documentary, “Shane,” on the late Shane Warne (Amazon Prime Video).

Amara is also the founder and director of Primerchord Production Music. Primerchord has supplied music for TV shows, including Bondi Rescue, Discovery’s, Sydney Harbour Force, Outback Car Hunters, The Repair Shop Australia and Amazon’s Making the Cut (a Project Runway Spinoff).

She is currently working on a major true-crime series for the “ABC” and a feature documentary for “Stan”, due to be announced later this year.