Unlocking the Art of Modern Mixing and Dolby Atmos with Stefan Du Randt

Studios 301, 301 Academy & Abbey Road Institute present

Unlocking the Art of Modern Mixing and Dolby Atmos with Stefan Du Randt

2 Day Masterclass

Sat, 23 Sept. 2023 + Sat, 30 Sept. 2023
10:00am start time 8 hours per day


Studios 301
3b Ellis Ave Alexandria, NSW, 2015 Australia

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Delve deep into the art of mixing, gaining invaluable insights and practical training from Stefan Du Randt.

Join us for an immersive and transformative two-part mixing Masterclass with Stefan Du Randt – the lead mixing engineer behind Dolby Atmos at Studios 301 in Sydney. This unique learning experience will take you on a journey to the cutting edge of modern mixing.

Over two consecutive Saturdays, you will delve deep into the art of mixing, gaining invaluable insights and practical training from Stefan Du Randt, whose expertise and extensive experience have led to some incredibly eclectic credits, including Mac Miller, Kimbra, Coldplay, Zedd, Thelma Plum, Guy Sebastian, Elton John, Polish Club, Thelma Plum to name a few.

Through a highly practical experience, you will explore both in-the-box (ITB) mixing and console mixing, utilising the legendary SSL K mixing console in Studio 2, and even venture into the captivating realm of Dolby Atmos mixing and mastering in one of the country’s only custom-built Dolby Atmos suites.


Day 1 – Morning Session

History of Mixing: Delve into the evolution of mixing techniques, understanding how the past has shaped the present. Gain a historical perspective on the art form that continues to inspire and innovate.

Modern Mixing vs. Old School Mixing: Engage in a dynamic discussion on “In the box” vs. Console/Tape mixing approaches. Discover the unique characteristics and creative possibilities offered by each method.

Day 1 – Afternoon Session

Stefan Du Randt’s “In the Box” Mix: Step into the mind of a master as Stefan Du Randt shares one of his own in-the-box mixes. Gain valuable insights into his workflow, techniques, and decision-making process, setting the stage for your own creative endeavours.

With one week between sessions, participants can apply the knowledge gained and work on their own mix projects for feedback on the 2nd Saturday.

Day 2 – Morning Session

Immerse yourself in the world of console mixing as you gain hands-on experience with the legendary SSL K mixing console in Studio 2. This console has been used by mixing engineers worldwide to create some of the most iconic albums in history, and it is the perfect tool for learning the art of console mixing.

Stefan Du Randt will guide you through the intricacies of the SSL K console, helping you refine your skills and techniques. You can do your own balance on the console with Stewart Geddes, another experienced mixing engineer, providing engineering assistance.

Check and Feedback on Participants’ Mixes in MS2/10: Receive personalised feedback from Stefan Du Randt as he listens to and evaluates your mixes. Gain invaluable insights into your current abilities and discover the path to achieving your desired professional level.

Day 2 – Afternoon Session

Dolby Atmos Mix & Master: Embark on an exciting journey into the realm of Dolby Atmos mixing. Learn the principles and techniques behind creating immersive, three-dimensional audio experiences. Stefan Du Randt will provide guidance as you explore this cutting-edge field, expanding your sonic horizons.

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All 2 days are included:
History of mixing
In-The-Box mixing
Console mixing
Dolby Atmos mix & master