Mastering for Local and International Music Artists


Studios 301 is Australia’s largest mastering facility, specialising in mastering music for standard and high-resolution Digital (Mastered for iTunes), CD, and Vinyl releases in a variety of genres. Our world class engineers have mastered albums selling in excess of 100,000,000 copies!

Our engineers work on diverse material, from stadium rock, pop, classical, acoustic, indie, hip hop, to electronic music. More importantly, this work is produced in an increasingly wide variety of studios, from large scale recording complexes (not unlike Studios 301), to bedroom studios, and the occasional laptop sitting on a beach.

As you can imagine, the end results also sound quite diverse in their ‘fidelity’. The mastering process aims to provide the finished recordings with a ‘polish’ so that they sound as balanced and consistent as possible when played back on any sound system. It is the last step that’s done before playback, broadcast, replication and distribution.

Having an impartial set of ears on a recording also never hurts.

Our premium mastering services are tailored to meet your deadlines and creative specifications, and bookings can be made quickly online here on our website, over the phone, or via email.

Our award-winning engineers give your music the time and attention it deserves, ensuring every master is at it’s highest quality sonically, while always maintaining the mix’s original integrity.

Our mastering services are fast and affordable, and booking can be made over the phone, via email or here on our website. You can send your mixes to us for unattended mastering, or come in and attend the session. Either way, our engineers give the mixes the time and attention they deserve, ensuring every master sounds as best it possibly can.


Leon Zervos has incredible mastering credentials across all genres and all corners of the world including working for the renowned Sterling Sound and Masterdisk in New York.


Steve Smart is regarded as one of the most respected mastering engineers in Australia, and one of the few engineers working today who can faithfully master specifically for the vinyl


Andrew Edgson is leading the new generation of mastering engineers, with 2016 marking his 10th year with Studios 301.

Ben Feggans

Starting his career with Studios 301 in 2005, Ben Feggans’ passion for independent music has established him as one of the most sought

Harvey O’sullivan

Harvey O’Sullivan joined Studios 301 in January 2013 alongside working at FBi Radio as Live Feed Producer / Engineer and Outside Broadcast Coordinator, and as a lecturer at The Academy of Music and Performing Arts.