The Tent

Matt Prest, Clare Britton, Daniel Egger & Eddie Sharp

Jack Prest

Jack Prest


Project TypeOther

Theatre, installation – Next Wave Festival

Twenty-four year old Michael epitomizes the term ‘prolonged adolescence’. Aimlessly wandering the streets, he stumbles across the tent of his runaway friend, Brett, perched at the arse-end of a disused car park in the centre of Melbourne. ‘Brett’s the kind of guy who, if there was some sort of apocalypse, no electricity, no food, no water and everyone had to think about survival (upward inflection), he’d know what to do.’ Hand built by the artists out of scrap metal and old, oil-stained truck canvas, The Tent sits at the crossroads of installation art, puppetry, video and performance. Led by Michael, an audience of 20 is invited to step inside an exploration of self-sufficiency and friendship—sorting through the remnants of two men’s attempts to sidestep a pasteurised, homogenised society. Sound Design – Jack Prest

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