Whelping Box

Branch Nebula, Matt Prest & Clare Britton

Jack Prest

Jack Prest


Project TypeOther

Whelping Box is a place to test the body, the performer, and the spectator. It is a place of permission, of what we allow of each other. A breeding ground for wild things, for dogs and gods. Two performers chain themselves to stakes, to test their limits and strip themselves of civility. With ritual, endurance, dancing and fighting they construct a self-made mythology. Like athletes or shamans, they are your guides, guinea pigs and preachers. They feed on your energy in a series of tasks that form a darkly humorous attempt to transcend the confines of normality. The audience enters into a giant 10m x 10m whelping box and is seated around the inside, facing in, where nothing escapes the eye. Glorified acts of machismo, strange rituals and power games are performed with extreme physicality at close proximity, displaying our most primal desires. An absurd spectacle, carried off with absolute conviction. Sound artist – Jack Prest

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