Awesome studio facilities and the staff is just incredible so helpful. Shout out to Tamara, Rei, Jack and Nick for hosting us over two days. They are dedicated and professional - great to work with.

Niki VasiliadisNiki Vasiliadis

Just a quick 5 star thank you to everyone at 301 for creating the perfect workspace and recording environment for the project Michael Stavrou and I worked on this past week, in studio 1. Heartfelt thanks to all 301'sters.. especially to Brad who is an absolute monster at running massive sessions and keeping everything moving forward at a brisk almost break neck pace all while keeping everyone both sides of the glass smiling ear to ear with the results! It would be impossible to overstate just what a difference that talented hard working young man is capable of bringing to a session, a remarkable work ethic and such a kind generous spirited human.
The other star of this 5 star review is the studio itself and the equipment available..the venerable Neve 88R did not once disappoint and sounded phenomenal at every take and turn!
From an arsenal of over fortified microphone options and legendary hardware like that beautiful Fairchild 670 and the racks of EQP1A's it's a gear aficionado's dream come and tone hunters fantasy regardless of style or genre. The room is armed and ready for whatever comes it's way!
A beautiful big room and all the kit that recording dreams are made of, still pales in comparison to the people of 301.
Their passion for an effective efficient creative process is a huge part of what comes out these sessions and on behalf of Mr Stavrou and myself thank you ever so much for always be at the ready and helping make every step of our grueling long sessions so productive and rewarding. The results speak for themselves thanks in part to you all and the wonderful facility you are all so obviously dedicated to making sure is everything any artist producer or recording engineer could ever hope for.
See you all again soon,
G.Michael Hall
Recording Engineer
Assistant to Mr Stavrou

G.Michael HallG.Michael Hall

I heard one of the Malayalam language song mastered by Steve Smart from Studio 301. It was a beautiful piece of work. Its unfortunate that the song missed a state award but just to let you know that its still considered one of the best song ever made in that language. Thank you for the awesome effort and its a bliss to know that someone from NSW did that for Malayalam music.

Sarath KvSarath Kv

Looking forward to seeing the finished product and the process of the manufacturing

Gregory ClarkGregory Clark

Come in and experience it for yourself