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Studio 5

The Writing Room at Studios 301, powered by audio-technica logo is the perfect environment to create and collaborate.

Nestled amongst our mastering studios, our Writing Room is ideal for songwriting, podcasting, mixing, producing and collaborating, or as an add-on to our larger recording spaces. We introduced the Writing Room as a special down-scaled studio, to provide artists with the space to be inspired and enhance their creative process. Comprised of a 19m2 space, engineers and producers can seamlessly plug into our system and utilise a vast collection of synthesisers, microphones, and outboard equipment, or kick back and enjoy listening to their favourite record on our Audio Technica Turntable.

In the Writing Room, artists can experience all the benefits of the Studios 301 community and facility at a competitively reduced rate.





Key Technical Features

Interface: UAD Apollo 8 with Legacy bundle

Monitor Controller: Samson C Control

Monitoring: Barefoot MM26

Instruments: Roland Juno 60, Nord Lead 3, Korg M1, Taylor 214ce Guitar

1 x Audio Technica LP60-USB turntable

Controller: Ableton Push, M-Audio Oxygen

Outboard Gear & FX

Preamp: Focusrite ISA428, Marshall JMP-1

Mics: Audio Technica AT4033a, Audio Technica AT2031, Audio Technica BP40 (2x), Audio Technica 2020-USB LTD Blue

Headphones: Audio Technica M50x Blue LTD (3x), Audio Technica R70x Open Back  


  • Shelley Bishop
    Studio Bookings Manager
    +61 2 8396 7201

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