Mastering with Ben Feggans
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Mastering Focus – Ben Feggans

In recent years, Ben Feggans’ passion for independent music has established him as one of the most sought after mastering engineers in the country. Carving out a niche for indie dance, electronic and hip hop,  Ben has mastered numerous releases for artists such as Rüfüs (“Blue EP”), Ngaiire, Willow Beats, The Kite String Tangle and […]

February 8th 2016   

Loudness with Ben Feggans 2
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Ben Feggans on Loudness – Part 2

Loudness Part 2 In the second part of this blog on loudness I’m going to delve more into metering and dynamic range in order to compare your music to other releases. Level Matching I often receive feedback from people that their track doesn’t sound like it has the same low end impact and presence as […]

August 12th 2014   

Loudness with Ben Feggans 1
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Ben Feggans on Loudness – Part 1

  Loudness Part 1 One of the most common questions people ask a mastering engineer is “why is my track not as loud as everyone else’s?” In this article I’m going to explain in simple terms how humans perceive loudness and how it can be measured accurately.  Since the early Motown days of pressing vinyl, […]

July 1st 2014   

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EQ Shootout with Ben Feggans: Dangerous BAX Hardware vs UAD’s BAX plugin

To book Ben Feggans for a mastering session, visit our Online Mastering Booking page. Dangerous BAX verses UAD BAX – Shootout. The Dangerous BAX EQ was released in 2009 and is based on the famous “Negative Feedback Tone Control” by P. J. Bandaxall designed in the 1950s. This circuit is used in many hi-fi equipment bass and treble […]

June 2nd 2014