Tom Misner

“In a time where large format studios are closing their doors around the world, the rebuild of the new Studios 301 complex reestablishes us as not just a leader in the Australian music industry, but one of the few top tier facilities of its kind in the world. Essentially philanthropic in nature, my aim with 301 is to create a platform for future engineers, producers and artists to be nurtured and flourish in world class facilities.”

Tom Misner – STUDIOS 301 OWNER & CEO

About Tom Misner

Tom Misner’s name has been synonymous with the music industry for over 40 years as a musician, engineer, producer, educator and entrepreneur.

These passions lead him to become the founder and driving force behind the world’s largest and most successful creative media education provider, SAE Institute, which revolutionised the education space for audio, film, and graphics media content creators in over 27 countries.

Tom is most renowned for his role in transnational education, being awarded an honorary doctorate for his services to education by Middlesex University in 2001. He continues to invest in and quietly support the commercial sector and artists alike as he has done for over 20 years. Some highlights of his many celebrated contributions include the purchase and restructure of Studios 301 in the late nineties and his rescue of AMS Neve in 2005.

Tom divested his Australian business interests after the sale of SAE in 2011, before reacquiring Studios 301 in 2017 committing to a new multimillion state-of-the-art facility and event space to provide the very best services (recording, mixing, mastering, digitisation and more) to the Australian and global music industry for years to come.

Tom has worked on over a 100 albums as an engineer, producer and musician. Tom Misner and Jochen Veith have collaborated to acoustically design the new Studios 301 to be one of the worlds leading facilities.

  • Highly regarded in the Music Industry for the past 40 Years
  • Revolutionised the education space for audio, film and graphics media content creators in over 27 countries
  • Most renowned for his role in transnational education, being awarded an honorary doctorate by the Middlesex University in 2001
Studios 301 New Multi-Million Dollar Facility Grand Opening