Studios 301 has been at the pinnacle of audio recording in Australia since 1926, pioneering and perfecting working methods with almost every known audio format.

Over this time, many formats have come and gone, resulting in recordings of historical, cultural and commercial relevance that are almost un-playable. These can be difficult to playback due to out-dated technology, or are in danger of loss or damage due to the age of the material on which they are recorded.

Over the course of our 90 year history, we have been collecting and maintaining equipment to work with formats including mono, stereo and multi-track analogue and digital tapes, cassette, Vinyl, DAT and many more unusual and esoteric formats. Our in-house technical team keeps our equipment in excellent working condition, combining their expansive knowledge in both vintage technology and modern electronics.

Studios 301 is a member of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives, and our audio engineers working on digitisation projects are highly trained in the use of playback equipment, tape handling and digitisation/transfer techniques. Our team is on hand to deliver services within any scope, on short notice or for long-term contracts, adhering to the IASA TC 04 guidelines.

For all enquiries, please contact:
Abbey Smith on or 02 9698 5888