Our Facilities

We have a number of studios in our Sydney facility setup for digitisation and transfers:

Mastering Suite 4

Specifically setup for digitisation and transfers, Mastering Suite 4 is located in our Mastering building with mastering-grade acoustics and isolation. Equipment on hand includes Pro Tools HD, Sequoia and Wavelab workstations, cassette and DAT decks, record players and ¼” and ½” analogue tape machines.

Mastering Suites 1-3

Our state of the art Mastering Suites feature impeccable acoustics and sound isolation, and house some of the highest quality equipment available. When needed, these suites are used to handle large/complex jobs, or to provide specialist restoration or mastering services as part of our service offerings.

The Machine Room

The Machine Room, nestled amongst our large format recording studios, houses our multi-track tape machines. Setup with large I/O Pro Tools HD systems, this area has the capacity to run multiple formats at a moments notice.


We have the best in-house workshop of any commercial facility in Australia, keeping the best test equipment and a plethora of spare parts on hand to service a full array of playback machines.


Our Team

Our team at Studios 301 combines unique skills and talents across the technical, engineering and administration requirements in this unique field. Key team members include:

Stephen Crane, Technical Director

One of the world’s most experienced and respected technical engineers, Stephen has worked for Studios 301 since the 1980′s, as well as having experience with AIR studios and more recently AMS-Neve.

Frank Xavier, Digitisation Engineer

Frank has many years experience in recording, digitisation and transfer techniques, and advanced DAW operation.

Harvey O’Sullivan, Audio Engineer

Harvey joined Studios 301 in 2013, following on from experience in mastering, digitisation and transfer techniques, and advanced DAW operation.

Abbey Smith, Studio & Business Engagement Manager

Abbey is a highly experienced administrator and manager, who oversees all Digitisation projects at Studios 301


For all enquiries, please contact:
Abbey Smith on digitisation@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888