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Oral History

Oral History Digitisation

For all enquiries, please contact:
Studio Manager – Shelley Bishop
digitisation@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888

As Australia’s largest audio facilities, Studios 301 has the capacity and experience to digitise Oral History collections of all sizes. We are a member of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives and as such, our processes and equipment comply with the IASA-TC04 guidelines.

Our track record includes digitisation projects ranging from home interviews on cassette and micro-cassette , journalist’s notes on DAT, 1950’s field recordings on reel-to-reel tape and esoteric recordings across many vinyl formats.

Playback Equipment

Capabilities include:

  • Playback and capture on the highest quality equipment
  • Expandable capacity from 1-4 operators and studios
  • Conversion to multiple file formats
  • Metadata capture and entry
  • Bulk digitisation systems
  • In-house tech support
  • Custom solutions

For all enquiries, please contact:
Shelley Bishop on digitisation@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888