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CD Production Masters

CD Production Masters

Should you be releasing on CD, a CD Production Master is the critical last step in Mastering. This is the material from which all the CD’s are made, so it is essential that this be checked and error-free.

Studios 301 CD masters go through a rigorous quality control process, where the master is compiled, tested and then listen to in its entirety.


CD production masters are available in two formats: DDP and PMCD. DDP is the preferred format, as it is a file that can be uploaded, put onto a disk, backed up and have copies made. PMCD is a high-quality physical audio CD, which cannot be backed up or copied, but may be required by some CD duplication companies doing a run of less than 500 CD’s.

Fees and Charges

  • DDP Master (digital upload) – 1 to 6 songs: $160+GST
  • DDP Master (digital upload) – 7 or more songs: $300+GST
  • DDP Master (on DVD, includes CD Audio Reference): $350+GST plus postage (if required)
  • PMCD Master (on CD, includes CD Audio Reference): $350+GST and postage (if required)