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Mastered for iTunes

Mastered for iTunes

Since our first studio opened in 1926, we have led the way in recording technology in Australia – from the first multi-track analogue recording, to the first all-digital recording, and then the first Audio CD masters.

Studios 301 is one of a handful of studios worldwide approved to provide Mastered For iTunes masters. When uploading to iTunes, Apple will now store your masters on their servers at up to 24 bit / 96kHz sample rate recording resolution, allowing for both better encoding into the latest iTunes codec, and compatibility with future formats. If you have your music mastered at the full resolution at which it was recorded, you can now ensure that new generations of music formats will take advantage of the better-than-CD quality recordings that you make today.

Regardless of the specifics of any future format, we believe it is always best to start from the highest resolution master possible. Unlike physical media, digital archiving offers the advantage of exact, bit-for-bit copies that can be made with no signal degradation. As masters start making their way into the cloud, it’s important that the best possible high resolution copies be archived.

Mastered For iTunes (Hi Resolution) Format

If you are recording at any resolution between 24 bit / 44.1kHz to 24 bit / 96kHz, we provide you a master at that same resolution, which doesn’t lose the benefit of the extra bits and samples captured during recording.

CD Master Format

We can still provide CD quality masters at 16 bit / 44.1kHz, which are mastered differently to be optimised for the lower quality format. These are required if you need a DDP or PMCD master.

Fees and Charges

  • MFiT format: No extra charge when provided stand-alone
  • CDM format: No extra charge when provided stand-alone
  • Both MFiT & CDM formats: Additional $50 per song