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Pay it Forward

Hi everyone,

it’s Simon Cohen here at Studios 301. We’ve had a great response to the online mixing launch and lots of people taking us up on our 30% off deal (use code: INTRO30).

But I feel like I can do more to help. 

I’m aware that while some people are still fortunate enough to have a job there are plenty of musicians struggling to meet rent let alone splash out on their art.

That’s why I’ll be offering a chance to Pay It Forward.

The 30% offer still stands, but if you have the means to book a regular price mix, I’ll donate a free mix to the artist of your choice. 

It could be your best friend, your favourite artist or someone you’ve never met.

Record label clients, you are welcome to get in on this too! 

I’m not challenging everyone else to match this. I know that not everyone is in a position where this makes sense for them but I’d love to do my part for binding the music industry closer together and help everyone get world-class sounding music out onto the streaming platforms. 

Book below to help out a struggling artist and feel free to share this page to anyone you think it could help – either here or overseas.

Much love and stay safe,

How does it work?

Book a regular price mix and a free mix will be donated to an artist of your choice. You will receive a code via email to share with your chosen artist. 

Note: ONE (1) purchased mix = ONE (1) free mix donated. Multiples allowed (eg TWO purchased = TWO donated)

How to prepare a session for Online Mixing

Make sure that you are satisfied with the recordings and your performance/s

If there is an element of the production that you are unhappy with, it is recommended to correct this before mixing. If you are unsure, let us know and we can help you decide whether it is ready to be mixed, or if your concern requires replacement or overdubbing.

Complete all editing

Whilst we can assist you in this area, it takes valuable time out of your mix session, like a detour on the way to a gig that costs you a good sound check.

Print all midi, virtual instruments and any additional effects or processing

If an effect is integral to the unique sound or production of a track (such as many virtual instruments or a specific key effect which is part of your production), please leave the effect printed ON the file and also send a clean version of the track too.

Supply multi-track files dry, without reverb or effects

Again,​ if you feel that a specific effect, processing or creative element (filter sweeps, delays etc) is an integral part of the sound, then please provide a clearly labelled ‘dry safety’ version of your song in the ‘Reference Audio Folder’ when you submit your project. Audio files in this folder will not be counted as an additional track.

Prepare the correct file format

We accept WAV or AIFF files at sampling rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz, and bit depths of either 16, 24 or 32 bit. Please supply us with mono or stereo files, clearly named and without audio clipping. You will need to provide multi-tracks that are consolidated or bounced from the start point of your song (bar 1 beat 1 or start time code). All files must be of the same duration, sample rate and bit depth.

For our online mixing service we do not accept DAW sessions (i.e Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase etc).

Double check your audio files in a new session

Upload your files into a new session/project, checking that they are the correct length, and that any crossfades have been included when consolidating or bouncing.

Tuning & Timing issues

Please do not assume any tuning or timing issues within the multi-tracks will be automatically resolved. If a small amount of vocal tuning is desired you can provide this information. If our engineer suspects the amount of tuning or editing will significantly intrude on mix time, we will let you know in advance. Large amounts of tuning and editing considered a “production” will be charged for and will delay turnaround time.

Neat & Clear Track Naming

Last but certainly not least, please make sure your tracks and/or files are neatly and clearly labelled.

You can find more answers to common questions in our FAQ: Online Mixing FAQ.

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