5 EQ Plugins To Use On Every Mix   

by Jack Prest

One of the key tools in the mix engineer’s toolbox is EQ (I’m going to presume if you’re reading this you know what that stands for).  Used for subtle cleaning of sounds right up to heavy sculpting, getting your EQ right is the key ingredient to getting a mix that’s got definition and clarity. Here’s my quick run down of 5 EQ plug-ins that I use on every mix.

Brainworx Cleansweep Pro

Although technically a filter set rather than an EQ, ever since it’s release this plugin has been getting a solid workout. It enables me to remove the unwanted parts of a sound with great transparency, leaving everything I want retaining a really musical quality.  The Chebyshev and Elliptical filters also allow for some pretty wild sound design possibilities.

Fabfilter Pro-Q2

This EQ is pretty much my go to and will end up on nearly every track in one of my mixes. It’s incredibly flexible and the built in spectrum analyser and the intelligent solo mode enable you to quickly and easily find problem frequencies. The fact you can go up to 24 bands means you can tweak till your hearts content.

Kush Audio – Clariphonic DSP-MkII

This is one of those magic plugins, put it on tweak the knobs and listen as everything sounds amazing! Be careful though it’s easy to overdo it with this one. It’s especially good on synths, pianos and anything that needs a little extra sparkle.

UAD – Pultec Passive EQ Collection

This is hands down the best analog emulation EQ, IMHO. The EQP-1A is amazing on bass and kicks and the MEQ-5 is great on guitars, vocals and pretty much anything else. You can even just drive the output of these for some extra harmonics.

Dangerous – Bax EQ

This has been a staple on my mix bus for a while now. I love the high and low pass filters and the ability to make subtle changes to the frequency balance of the mix. It also makes everything sound bigger and wider just by passing audio through it. Makes things sound a little less in the box.

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