Antonia Gauci interview

Antonia Gauci – Producer on the rise

Since we last checked in with Antonia Gauci her work on Tinker’s single “Fill The Field” was getting some major kudos from triple j’s Richard Kingsmill.

Since then she’s gone on to work and create with artists such as LISHI, Vallis Alps, Jays Ways, Anatole, Kimchi Princi, and continues to cultivate her sound as an engineer, writer and producer to be reckoned with.

This month, as well as being part of our exclusive Independent music package promotion, Antonia is a featured presenter for the upcoming Women In Electronic Music program, giving her very own masterclass at Studios 301.

We had a quick catch up with Antonia between sessions to talk about her current buzz.

You’ve got a masterclass coming up this month as part of Music NSW’s Women In Electronic Music program. Can you tell us a little more?

Antonia: I’m really excited and a little nervous as this is my first one! I’m currently liaising with Hannah and Emm from Music NSW and we’re putting together something really cool for the applicants. The basis of the masterclass is engineering basics, but I’m hoping I get to go deeper than that. I’m looking forward to showing everyone how the studio works and my recording/working process.

How was the buzz from the last Tinker single you worked on?

Antonia: I believe it showed what I can do as a Mix Engineer and also portrays the type of sound I’m going for at the moment. It was a refresher in people’s minds about what I’m doing/working on and it’s really opened me up to people in this genre because they’re now even more aware of my mixing (and engineering) skills.

Since then I’ve also mixed Tinkers remix of Woode’s track “Daggers & Knives” and we’ve continued to talk about finishing off more music together.
Various artists have gotten in contact about collaborating which is super cool. People seem to like what I’m doing!

A standout track I’ve been working on is one with an artist called LISHI. I’ve been involved in the creative process from the ground up, writing alongside her, co-producing and mixing the track. I’m excited for its release ‘cause this project has helped me realise what sounds I like and the direction I definitely want to head in with my production.

So what is it that you really like working on?

Antonia: Someone asked me this recently and the answer I gave was “anything that makes me feel”. If I hear something in its early stages and it gets a reaction out of me then I’m hooked and would love to continue to work on that. Harness that energy, increase it ten fold – make it big, make it lucious, make it slick.

How does it feel for people to be seeking you out to do more engineering and producing?

Antonia: It’s satisfying! Having spent so long working towards this goal, it’s great to be seeing the shift and making the transition into more recording, writing, mixing, producing and creating. I’ve had some really phenomenal projects come my way recently and when they are released I hope they do really well for the artists and myself.

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