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The story of The Jewel

GELBISON FRONT MAN EDO KAHN AND SYDNEY ELECTRONIC PRODUCER SOLON COLLABORATE TO BRING TO LIFE POSTHUMOUS SINGLE ‘THE JEWEL’ BY EDO’S LATE WIFE VAANI Stream on Soundcloud here Donate to download here All proceeds from the track go to the charity ‘A Sound Life’ which Edo & VAANI founded In January 2015, VAANI was working […]

May 19th 2016   

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Internships @ Studios 301

Hi there! My name is Stefan du Randt and I facilitate the Studios 301 internship program. In 2015 I moved to Sydney from South Africa, where I was working as the engineer for Grammy award winning producer Darryl Torr in his Johannesburg studio. It was a dream of mine to come to Australia and work […]

April 20th 2016   

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Mastering Malaysia’s #1 Girl Group: De Fam

At Studios 301, we pride ourselves on working with the best up-and-coming talent both locally and from around the world. Our latest international success story comes via our mastering department in the form of Malaysian super girl group, De Fam. Signed to Tune Studios and Universal Music Group Malaysia, De Fam’s debut single #SUPERGIRLS, mastered […]

April 19th 2016   

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Tips on How to Deliver Your Track For Mixdown – By Jack Pres

  Whenever I’m working on a mix for a new client a question that frequently gets asked is “What is the best way to deliver the files for mixdown?”. Although there are no hard and fast rules, (always make sure you touch base with your mix engineer as everyone has their own personal preferences) here […]

April 19th 2016   

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It’s a producer focus

Meet our resident Electronic Music Producer and Engineer Jack Prest With a background as a DJ, Artist and Sound Designer, Jack’s been working as an engineering and producer at Studios 301 for the past 5 years. Recently He’s been increasingly moving towards the role of a finisher. A producer who enters the artists process at varying […]

April 19th 2016   

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Justin Bieber and Studios 301’s Simon Cohen Create a Global Number One!

  Justin Bieber & Studios 301’s Simon Cohen Create a Global Number One! When you see Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran’s name together you know that whatever it’s tied to is going to be big, and that’s definitely the vibe attached to arguably the biggest song in the world right now. On November 9, 2015 […]

April 19th 2016   

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Dithering – Andrew Edgson explains

To book Andrew Edgson for a mastering session, contact Lynley via mastering@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888 Any attempted discussion of dithering usually results in the collective groan by audio engineers everywhere; it is one of the most uninteresting and banal topics in the spectrum of audio production. However it is also one of the most […]

May 20th 2014   

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SSL vs Neve

As I tour people through our recording facilities in Sydney, I usually refer to our Neve 88R and SSL 9000k consoles as the “Ferrari and Lamborghini of mixing consoles”…. They are both the best cars that money can buy, but it’s up to the driver as to which one they prefer to drive. Occasionally that remark satisfies my visitor […]

May 8th 2013