Ditto Music and the I Am Indie Competition

In April we launched our I Am Indie competition and we’re very happy to say that we have since been swamped with an amazing amount of unreal applicants. We’ve been well and truly blown away by all the high quality of entrants! (Well done guys) In order to provide such an amazing prize package we teamed up with our buddies at Ditto Music for everything that happens once you leave our studio (including a World Wide distribution package, Social media Starter marketing kit and a one-on-one consultation). For the benefit of those who want to know a little more about the team behind Ditto and what they do, we caught up with the manager of the Australian office, Sarah, to get the scoop and how they are enabling artists to release their music worldwide!

The Melbourne Ditto team: Anthony Barton, Sarah Hamilton & Vader Fame

Photo credit – Elleni Toumpas

What is your role at Ditto and what do you guys do?

As mentioned I am the manager of the Australian office – we are based in a fantastic music hub filled with other music companies in Collingwood, Melbourne. We are an international company with headquarters in Liverpool in the UK, and offices in London, Nashville and San Diego. We have a small but wonderful team here in Oz. I do a range of different things from helping artists and labels with questions they have, to project managing international and local release campaigns, to organising partnerships with other companies in the music industry, to pitching for coverage with Spotify and the other stores, to educating artists on how they can best get their music heard. It’s a mixed bag and I absolutely love it – the digital world is always changing and never boring.

How do you help artists realise their dreams?

In 2016, independent artists have access to a lot of the same opportunities that major label artists have. This is both exciting and challenging – exciting because you can get added to a Spotify playlist next to Sia and get a million plays in a week, and your career has taken off. (just one example of many). You can crack the ARIA charts and iTunes charts as an independent artist, and still own 100% of your music. You can control and create and experiment with your own music and get it out there.

Simultaneously, it’s challenging because every artist has access to these opportunities. To be successful as a musician you need to make the music you want to make, decide on your priorities and pathways, educate yourself and continue learning and get a team of professionals around you who also believe in what you’re doing. It’s not easy but it’s more attainable than ever, and people will always love music – that will never change.

What is the biggest challenges you think artist face?

This relates to what I said above but expanding on that, it’s being heard above the noise of all of the other bands out there! There are millions of songs, thousands of blogs, social media is constantly in our faces (if we choose for it to be) so things are fragmented, and it’s hard to cut through it all.

Also the obvious challenge for most bands is a lack of funds. People just don’t buy music like they used to – sales are still just going down further. Streaming and paid subscriptions are on the rise but there is still an enormous gap and artists usually have to support their music careers with a second job.

Artists have to figure out where to prioritise their funds, and it’s tricky. I would love to see artists supported financially so that they can do what they do best – make music.

What specific services do you offer and what excites you about your role and working with artists?

Our services include digital distribution to online stores like Spotify, iTunes, Apple music, Shazam etc, and setting up of VEVO channels for artists and labels. We can help with release strategy, pre-orders on iTunes, We also offer services like publicity, social media campaigns, pitching for playlists, and will soon be launching our record label in a box product here in Oz which means that people have access to everything they need to start their own label. It’s launched in the UK and US and it’s so exciting seeing the labels that are being set up – really cool to see. (https://www.dittomusic.com/recordlabel-in-a-box)

The thing that excites me about working with artists is just listening to all of the amazing and unique music that we have coming through. It’s astounding the talent that is out there!

I also just love talking to people who are passionate and excited themselves. Musicians are just generally interesting and hard-working people who have stuck at something and made their vision a reality. I love talking with people about what they’re doing and their vision – it never gets old and I don’t think it ever will.

How did you got involved in the I Am Indie competition with 301?

We’ve always been a fan of Studios 301 and the name is synonymous with a top-class recording studio in Australia. A heap of Ditto artists from Sydney have recorded at Studios 301, and after meeting with Lynley (Studios 301 Mastering Manager) at BigSound last year I was keen to work with Studios 301 in some way. When the guys approached me with the idea of the ‘I am Indie’ competition there was no question.

We love being able to offer a great package to artists in Oz and help them achieve their goals.

Can’t wait to hear the winner!

For more information and to enter the I Am Indie competition – Please click below.