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Engineer feature – Antonia Gauci

With mixing skills that have recently been referred to as taking the track to “boss level bad assery”, 301 Assistant Engineer Antonia Gauci has her sights set firmly on making her mark in the music industry. Having already worked with some impressive names including Alison Wonderland, Cold Chisel, DMA’s, Sticky Fingers and Will.i.Am, it’s Antonia’s most recent work on TINKER’s debut which has been turning heads.
We caught up with the budding Engineer, Producer, Mixer and Songwriter to talk about the buzz on her most recent work and what’s next…


Triple J music director Richard Kingsmill recently gave the TINKER song you mixed “Fill The Field” some massive support. How does that make you feel and how did that project come about?

TINKER is a friend of mine, and ex 301 intern Chris Bristow. Chris and I met at a rehearsal space a few years ago and he’s been sending me music and demos ever since. While in Peru I was sent one titled “Slither”. I thought the first batch were still pretty raw so I told him to send me more stuff. A month later he sent through another version which he’d fleshed out and we co-wrote the topline going back and forth via the internet. 12 weeks later it was mixed, mastered and all ready to go. Seeing such a positive response for three unknown people who just made a track is kinda surreal. We didn’t expect to see this big of a support so early, especially from the J’s, so hopefully things continue to be a steady rise for TINKER.

What are some of the projects you’ve got on the horizon?

I’m currently working on a few different things…  There’s another lot of TINKER tracks to finish off – recording, mixing, plus a remix. Anatole is working away on his debut LP recorded a string quartet and piano for a few tracks that may end up on it. I’ve been helping Giselle Rosselli with her vocal tracking, she’s an unbelievable singer and songwriter. A debut single from Las Vagueness is due super soon which I engineered, produced & mixed. Plus an EP to finish off with him. Dylan Adams and I just tracked a rekkid for Oslow over the Easter long weekend which is red hot. Oh, and I’ve been involved in some writing with Halite and Top8Drama. They’re all pretty deluxe projects!

Seems like there’s plenty of releases pending. How do you get involved in these cool projects and how can people find you?<

I’m fortunate to be friends (or a relative) with these uber talented people, so the projects have come about via friendship, word of mouth, meeting people in sessions, FBi Radio, or simply by approaching artists I want to work with. Projects come through the 301, but I can be reached through my online presence through Instagram, Facebook or my website,

What is your role at 301 and how did you get here?

I’m an Engineer/Assistant Engineer. I plug in all the gear you desire and help you run the spaceship for your recording and online mixing projects.  I’m also working my way up through the ranks, taking the lead on more of my own creative projects – engineering, producing, mixing and co-writing.


I first came to 301 through Eric J, who I met when interning/ assisting at BigJesusBurger (RIP).

I got to know the team while working on the first 2 seasons of The Voice, and after freelancing and assisting at the majority of Sydney’s major studios (for the most part of 2 years), I was offered some casual work at 301. I was assisting casually until I was there all the time, and in 2014 I became a full time part of the team.

What gets you excited in the studio?

I find tracking to be exhilarating, especially if it’s vocals, guitars or synths, when we’re filling out the bare bones of the song. I also like experimenting with sounds. I reverse, pitch up and down, reverb and delay the bits and pieces and then repeat the process. If I can make something sound weird or learn something new then I’m super excited! And when I’m really into it I get this nervous energy and will dance in the control room.

How does working at 301 fit into your life and activities outside of 301?

301 does take up most of my time (being full time) but they’re flexible and understanding when it comes to my touring/show playing, writing, DJ-ing, radio presenting, ridiculous commitments.
I like to create everyday if I can. 301 are generally the ones who tell me I should be taking 1 or 3 days off.


For more information or for bookings please contact:
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