Recording & Mixing: Frequently Asked Questions

What Studio should I book?

Please contact us to discuss options and rates that suit your project

How much does a session cost?

Our Studios 301 team can put together a tailor-made quote for all of your needs. Whether you require, studio time, mixing or a specific engineer or a producer. Please contact us for a customised quote HERE or email us at

How much to record a song?

This can vary project to project and we can help advise you on the best course to take.

Do you offer album & EP packages?

Yes we do. Contact us with the following information if you would like a quote:
Number of songs/days
Preferred engineer/producer
Band setup/players
The budget you would like to work to
Project timeframe

What is engineering vs producing?

When you hire one of our engineers, you can expect them to cover the technical aspects of the art of recording sound and to capture high quality recordings to your specification.
When you book a producer, they will also do that, but will contribute to the project on a musical level and guide it on a musically concise and final direction with you.

How do I choose an engineer or producer?

A great place to start is by checking out their work. Once you’ve had a look through the credits of our various engineers, pick the one whose style and discography you connect with the most and find to be most appropriate for your genre of music.

Can I talk to the engineer/producer beforehand?

Absolutely. We help you choose producers very carefully and are happy to put you in touch after initial consultation. If you are booking an engineer, we will put you in touch once the session is confirmed.

Do you offer songwriting services?

Yes! Please contact us to discuss your songwriting project.

How does payment work?

Single day sessions with us require upfront payment, and longer sessions require a 50% deposit to lock in, with the remaining balance due by the last day of your session.
We accept credit card, bank transfer, EFTPOS and cash.

How far ahead do I need to book?

With as much notice as possible. To guarantee your preferred days, please contact us as soon as you have decided on your schedule.

How do session times work?

Your session time starts from when you, or your crew, arrive and ends once the all equipment is packed down and you leave the facility. A good setup is key to a smooth session and takes time to complete. Please ensure you account for the time it takes you to setup, backup session files and pack down your equipment when planning your day.

What do I need to bring?

All your instruments … We have the rest!

What is mixing?

Mixing is a lot like cooking. If we compare recording to purchasing and preparing the ingredients, then mixing is like the method.
Mixing is where we take every instrument, part or track that has been recorded and balance, space and ride them from a multi-track session into a final 2-track stereo file.

What’s the difference between unattended and attended mixing?

An unattended mix is done without you present. The engineer will get to a point that they are happy with and then send the mix through to you for feedback and changes. We allow for any number of revisions, so long as they are completed during the same day of your session. We are happy to keep working on the song at a later date, but it will incur extra charges as the session will require recall and rescheduling.
An attended mix allows you to join the engineer during mixing and provide immediate feedback. While this is often the preferred way, it is usually a longer process. Most engineers prefer to mix unattended for the first part of the day then ask you to come in towards the end of the session to review the mix and make revisions if required.

How long does it take to mix a song?

This is dependent on musical style and approach and as such, it tends to vary project to project.
We typically recommend a day per song to allow for a professional, release ready mix, however we can mix as many songs as 2 per day provided the music is well prepared.

How do I prepare for mixing?