Josh Pyke Announced As ALL ACCESS Music Comp Judge

Just announced, one of the country’s most renowned singer-songwriters, multi-ARIA Award winner Josh Pyke has joined the judging panel for the ALL ACCESS music competition.

With five acclaimed top 10 albums, five ARIA Awards and countless sold-out tours to his name, Josh has firmly established himself as one of Australia’s most respected and beloved artists. Already championing initiatives such as The Josh Pyke Partnership with APRA AMCOS, Josh’s expert ears will now help choose a winner from our vast pool of ALL ACCESS entrants.

We caught up with Josh for a brief chat about it all.

What attracted you to be a part of the ALL ACCESS comp?
I’m a huge believer in initiatives like this. Any opportunity to give a leg up to an emerging artist is a great thing.

Are you excited to listen to the entrants?
Even after all these years, I still get really excited about listening to new music. It’s a timeless mystery to me that new music is being created every day, and I love being involved in that.

What are your thoughts on the winner’s prize package?
This is the sort of opportunity that can break an artist and get them the exposure that can lead to a career in music. Australia is a tough market, and money is always hard to come by, so this would help someone enormously.

Are you looking forward to the new Studios 301 multi-million dollar facility?
Studios and recording gear are a passion and obsession of mine so I’m always excited to see a new studio open up in Sydney. New facilities means new music gets made which is always a good thing.

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