FITZY & WIPPA Present the trailer for WONDER PARK

FITZY & WIPPA present the trailer for WONDER PARK from Studio 3

Wonder Park | Fitzy & Wippa Official Trailer | Paramount Pictures Australia

We recently completed the Australian language dubbing, dialogue editing, and full mix for the 2019 Paramount Pictures animated film ‘Wonder Park’.

Post engineer Mario Gabrieli recorded the voice overs for Nova radio stars Fitzy & Wippa who play two mischievous beavers, Gus and Cooper. Mario edited and mixed the dialogue on the trailer seen here, and throughout the full film. 

This whole project was completed in our state of the art film and post production suite, Studio 3. 

The film will be released globally in March, 2019. The cast includes Jennifer Garner, Mila Kunis, Matthew Broderick, Kevin Chamberlin and John Oliver.

Studio 3 Control Room - Post Production Sydney
Studio 3 Control Room