Free Download: Egyptian Clay Tabla Samples

We are continuing to dig through the archives to bring you more tasty sounds from the Studio! This week, we’re bringing you a collection of Egyptian Clay Tabla recordings made in Studio 1. It features percussionist Tarek Sawires and was recorded by in-house engineer Jack Prest.

Jack had this to say about the recording:

“The RCA77DX is my go-to on percussion. It gives defined but soft transients and feels reminiscent of 1950’s records, which is my favourite vibe for percussion. I always mic at least a few feet back from the drum so you really capture the full sound of the instrument. For these recordings, I used 2 RCA’s – one in front and one behind the instrument, which I have panned slightly left and right to give the samples a nice 3D quality. I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure we ran these through the AEA RPQ500 Ribbon preamps, which sound fantastic. If not, it would have been the Neve 88R Console we have in Studio 1. Other than that, these are raw and unprocessed, straight out of the Pro Tools session at 24bit 96kHz.”

You are free to use these samples in any of your recordings – something we will hope will encourage some creativity in these troubling times.

These are royalty free samples for you to use in your own productions under Creative Commons attribution.

Happy music making!

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