MIXING with Guy Gray

Guy Gray’s Tips & Tricks: MIXING

Guy Gray as 30 years of experience includes engineering scores, large orchestral recordings, surround mixing as well as music production for successful film projects throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. He will be providing you a with a short series of Tips & Tricks, as only he knows how. To begin with, he delves into some MIXING secrets.

(1) When mixing vocals, use High Pass & Low Pass filters on your delay returns to help prevent masking of the vocal frequencies.

(2) To give your DAW mix buss more headroom, before you even begin mixing, lower all your faders by approximately 4 – 8 db. Then use your Mix Buss Compressor / Limiter gain make-up to achieve a healthy gain structure on your final online mix level.

(3) Using the PRE-fader mode on sends to a reverb can help you get that ‘3D’ sound and puts the source sound in it’s own space.Pre-Fader send

(4) Try compressing the send to your drum reverb for a bigger, more coloured reverb effect.

[Award-winning producer/engineer/mixer Guy Gray has rejoined the Studios 301 team following his recent return to Australia.]