International Standard Recording Code

ISRCs explained

Lynley, our Mastering Coordinator explains the what, why and hows on everything ISRC.

If you would like to obtain ISRCs, or book mastering, contact Lynley on or 02 9698 5888

What is an ISRC?

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code, and is a unique 12 digit string of numbers that identifies a recording and the copyright contained within it. ISRCs are essential for uploading songs to iTunes, can be embedded in CD Masters and are used by broadcasters, record labels, publishers and organisations like APRA to track the playback and sale of music.

What is an ISRC code used for?

If you wish to make income from your recordings or songs, ISRCs make the tracking of sales and royalties more efficient. As well as this, ISRCs make life easier for the people cataloguing your recordings…. And we think it’s in your best interest to make those people happy!

How do I get ISRCs?

The easy way is to ask us… You’ll need to fill out a form, and pay $50+GST, which is a one-off project fee covering all ISRCs on your release. We can issue your ISRCs swiftly from there (usually within 1 business day).

Get in touch and we’ll send you our ISRC form.

OR… you get in touch with ARIA. They will issue you a “registrant code” which then allows you to make up your own ISRCs. This process takes a few weeks, but ARIA doesn’t charge.

BUT… If you are a record label, or an artists signed to a label, usually the label organises ISRCs internally. Check with them before accidentally having ISRCs issued twice!

I have my ISRCs, now what do I do with them?

ISRCs can be included with:

  • CD Masters, when we are making a final DDP or PMCD master for CD production. In this instance, we embed the ISRCs into the master disk or file.
  • WAV files, when supplying them to your label, iTunes or digital distributor. In this instance, no embedding of the ISRC into the audio file is required. Simply supply your ISRC along with the mastered track when you hand it over.

Do I need ISRC’s before I begin mastering?

No, not for us to master your tracks.

We recommend however you obtain ISRCs whilst we are mastering your songs. It’s recommended that you include them in your CD Master (which we make after the initial mastering session) and you’ll definitely need them to put your tracks on iTunes.

If you would like to obtain ISRCs, or book mastering, contact Lynley on or 02 9698 5888 or book online.