Jacob Moore and his EP

Jacob Moore – ‘all in time’ EP

What do you get when you mix 50’s soul and RnB, and put them with textured and atmospheric electronic sounds? Sydney artist Jacob Moore and his EP, ‘All In Time’.

We caught up with former 40 hours competition winner recently and here’s what he had to say about his journey of tirelessly putting his EP together and working at 301 with Jack Prest.

On winning 40 Hours comp:
On the side of performing & producing for a bunch of rad Sydney based acts over the years, I had been building up a broad range of songs on the side that I really liked but had not yet found a home. I had a strong urge to establish something that pertained a vintage soul-blues flavor yet utilized today’s electronic leaning ‘bedroom producer’ ideals as this method was how I had been handling my producer duties over the years – literally creating band music from home & only entering the studios to put the finishing touches on my older work. One of these tracks ‘return to me’ fitted this template so I entered it in Studio 301’s 40 Hours songwriting competition & was announced as one of the winners in August 2015. This enabled me to work with Producer Simon Cohen on a very vocal heavy track ‘infinity’ – Simon was really fun to work with & I felt he ‘got’ the sound I was aiming for. We ended up doing a soft release of this track as my first solo single to give people of taste of the work I was preparing in the back end.

On working with Producer Jack Prest:
After releasing my first solo track ‘infinity’, I felt that we had established the musical ‘colour palette’ I wanted to present to the world. I was ready to take things further so after brainstorming a few ideas for my other new tracks with Abbey & the team at 301, we decided to enlist Producer Jack Prest who is renowned for his prowess in electronic music & as a ‘finisher’. We could then fuse all my acoustic & electric home recorded noodlings. take it to one of the big studios at 301 and really beef it up using Jack’s knowledge & production ideas. A couple of the sessions we brought in some musical friends of mine to play some extra instrumentals so I could take more of a directors chair approach. Working with Jack was super rad – he was very informative, could always share a laugh with me (very important!) & would always throw up a second opinion which I always found to be very valuable. I can’t wait to be able to come back and work with Jack & the team at 301.

You can listen to the “all in time” EP here: