LinnDrum samples, Powered By Neve

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LinnDrum samples, Powered By Neve

LinnDrum by Neve

For the next release in our drum samples series, and with our friends at Ableton Liveschool, we lined up a classic LinnDrum and sampled it through our Powered By Neve Custom Series 75 recording console, located in Studio 6 in Sydney.

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You can also download an Ableton Live Pack here on the Liveschool blog.

Download the samples

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  1. Noel says:

    Thanks guys 🙂

  2. Hesit8or says:


  3. Van says:

    So the signal went. Analog > digital > analog > recorded
    Why didn’t you went straight from Lindrum (analog) > mixer (analog) > quartet (digit) ? So then you wouldn’t revert back forth from analog and digital? Yes running through the quartet would give a clean sound but is it really necessary?

    • Anthony says:

      Hey Van,
      we’ve been experimenting with different signal paths, as the inherent noise in the drum machines, combined with the noise in some DI’s has been too much for my liking. As these are single hits, it’s hard to disguise the noise in the tail of the sample, unless it’s very low in the first place.
      In this instance, the Apogee DI was by far the cleanest (and punchiest BTW!) compared to everything else we had on hand – and there were plenty of DI options!
      I know what you are saying about the Conversion, but compared to poor noise floor, I don’t believe it is an issue.
      Look out for our next pack though – it’s all analogue (until the final capture)!

  4. These are, by far, the best LinnDrum samples I’ve ever heard. Thanks so much for making these available. My search is finally over!

  5. Anda Szilagyi says:

    Thanks so much!!

  6. Dries says:

    Thanks guys!
    Got here via Le Bruce!!

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