Interview of Chris Arnott

Meet Chris Arnott – Is It A Banger?

Meet Chris Arnott. producer, DJ, singer-songwriter, multi-Instrumentalist, wine connoisseur, musical genius, and all round top guy. In the last 3 years alone Chris has had 17 Aria Club Chart Top 10’s, and even more releases locally and worldwide. In addition to this, Chris releases as a producer, a topline vocalist, and features on various releases under different aliases including deep house cool, Friendless. Chris often lends his production and songwriting expertise to other DJ’s and artists, he’s just that in demand.

Currently, Chris is featuring as part of our Electronic music competition, Is it a banger?, whereby you get a chance to win a one-on-one collaboration session with Chris here at Studios 301, and make some badass music together.

To give you a chance to get better acquainted, we sat down with Chris and talked music, among other things.

Studios 301: Doing our research, we found you were in a rock band when you were 15 signed to Festival/Mushroom Records. How did you get into dance music?

Chris Arnott: I was drunk and fell into it. Like a well.

You’ve had a fair amount of Top ten ARIA Singles. What’s your favourite?

Chris Arnott: It’d have to be my first one because I felt like I had really really achieved something, it was a pivotal point in my career and a great motivator.

Studios 301: What’s the best thing about being a producer?

Chris Arnott: Being able to create something so complex and beautiful from scratch.

Studios 301: What are you working on right now?

Chris Arnott: SO MANY THINGS!! My 2 main project plus tonnes of work with other artists. The last thing I bounced out was a G-House banger.

Studios 301: How do you know if you’ve made a hit/banger?

Chris Arnott: You always get a good gut feeling when everything falls into place musically. In all honesty, one rarely knows when something will resonate with a large audience, you just have to create the art that you want to make and hope that people enjoy it.

Studios 301: What’s your favourite thing about collaborating?

Chris Arnott: I try and collaborate as much as possible, working with other artists is so inspiring and one of the most enjoyable things about making music!!

Studios 301: Who are your favourite collaborators?

Anyone with great ideas and a true love for music.

Studios 301: Are you looking forward to collaborating with the winner of “Is it a banger?”

Hell yeah!!

For your chance to work with Chris enter the Is It a Banger?

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