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Mixing Engineer Focus: Tim Carr

Tim Carr is one of Australia’s most distinctive producers. Best known for his work with Matt Corby where he mixed and produced Into The Flame, his five times platinum EP which featured “Brother.” Carr’s wildly diverse CV spans the likes of Urthboy, The Herd, Ernest Ellis, Bag Raiders, Totally Unicorn, Mere Women, Hayden Calnin, Muscles, Twin Haus, Paul Conrad, Ernest Ellis and Julia Stone — as well as much more eccentric and obscure projects.

To celebrate the relaunch of our Studios 301 Online Mixing Portal – exclusively featuring Tim Carr, we caught up with our genre-defying producer and mix engineer to take a look back at some of his mixing career highlights.

Brother – Matt Corby

(#3 Aria Single Chart. 2012 Song of the year, #3 Triple J hottest 100)
Brother was the first single released from Matt Corby’s EP, Into the Flame. The song peaked at number 3 on the ARIA Charts, won Song of the Year at the 2012 ARIA Awards and received a nomination for the same category at the 2012 APRA Awards. It also came in at #3 in the Triple J Hottest 100 that year.

Brother was one of those songs that stood out and spoke for Matt much better than I initially expected. The whole creation of this EP was just a super-loose and fun session! We had great players, a great engineer (Simon Todkill), lots of drinks and well, the results kind of speak for themselves.

Tim Carr about “Brother”

Naive Bravado – Urthboy ft. Daniel Merriweather

Taken from Urthboy’s album Smokey’s Haunt which debuted on the ARIA albums charts at #14 in 2012.

Urthboy - Naive Bravado ft. Daniel Merriweather (Official Video)

This song was the first single off smokey’s haunt, we mixed this on the SSL, and I remember Tim L (Urthboy) popping in late in the afternoon to check the mixes between the tours and promotions he was doing, he always had a funny story. These were all Count Bounce and El Gusto productions, so the quality was already there in full, mixing this song was very chilled.

Tim Carr about “Naive Bravado”

White Night – Hayden Calnin

White Night appears on Hayden Calnin’s sophomore album Cut Love Pt. 2.

I mixed and produced this one. I always love to work with Hayden; he is a creative genius and amazing dude. This whole record was a bit different for Hayden and mixing followed suit, it was in a state of constant creation and growth. We were game for anything, and we mined our brains and utilised our creative tools to create these unique sounds, ‘Twas quite fun.

Tim Carr about “White Night”

Darkened Paradise – The Herd

Taken from the Herd’s Better Alive EP which was released to coincide with their A Thousand Lives tour in 2012.

Darkened Paradise - The Herd (Better Alive EP)

Another great Elefant Traks release. It’s always a pleasure to mix stuff those guys do.
The Herd is made up of MCs, artists, and great producers alike, I learned a lot from this one and made some good pals.

Tim Carr about “Darkened Paradise”

Go Unsteady – Le Pie

Go Unsteady is the second single to be released from Sydney artist Le Pie’s EP Sad Girl Theory.

I produced and mixed this one. Sez (Le pie) is one of the coolest people I know making music. No fussing about, a multi-instrumentalist with chops to boot. We approached this mix in a more old school kind of way, we used what we had and didn’t try to add production elements that we couldn’t make or mix inorganically. The whole process was very unlabored and organic, and I think pretty cathartic for Sez.

Tim Carr about “Go Unsteady”

Big Skies – Mere Women (album)

Sydney post-punk quartet Mere Women’ third LP “Big Skies” with a single of the same name.

Mere Women - Big Skies (Official Music Video)

I recorded and mixed this. Probably my favourite Australian band. Mere Women command attention and make a noise like no-one else. We always manage to capture a moment, whether it’s the environment or the personalities of each song, there is always some naturally occurring phenomenon that guides us and shapes the whole record. Whenever we mix Mere Women, it’s instantly 90% done, and the rest is just finessing and tastefully turning up or down.

Tim Carr about “Big Skies”

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