Open Day – Recap

Saturday 5th May marked the first and only time that we hosted a public Open Day at our brand new multi-million dollar recording facility. We opened the doors to the general public for an exclusive behind the scenes look inside our new recording complex, which is not only the largest and longest running studio in the Southern Hemisphere but has been recently crowned one of the 5 best facilities across the globe.

We had an abundant response to our invitation with over 450+ RSVP’s and 2 sold-out masterclasses presented by our owner, Tom Misner.

Music industry experts, professional audiophiles, producers, up and coming artists, students and longstanding fans of 301 packed the hallways for a once in a lifetime chance to explore the latest offering from the lifeblood of the Australian recording industry, Studios 301.

The massive success of our Open Day solidified our presence in the Australian music ecosystem, and further reaffirmed our commitment to building the next generation of musical talent.

Would you like to be involved in continuing the legacy of Studios 301? Contact us today to find out more about our services and limited time offerings.

Studios 301 Open Day 2018