Podcast Episode 1

301-Podcast Episode1 – Part 2

Hi, welcome to part two of the Studio 301 podcast episode number one. Speaker A: So you mentioned people from LA and that kind of thing, you were in LA pretty recently because you went over there for the Grammy’s, right?

Speaker B: Yes, that’s right

Speaker A: But you got to go and check out studios and meet people and just see what the vibe is over there. What was the Grammy’s like and were things really different there compared to here?

Speaker B: Well, yes. Very, very lucky to have the opportunity to kind of go over there. Obviously that Justin song did very, very, very well, and it’s definitely one of those like “Wow!” kind of moments when it kind of sinks in that you are actually getting to go and be a part of all of that. You spend sort of a whole week or the whole time that you are involved with it over there kind of feeling a little bit like an impostor being this guy from the other side of the world and being in consideration with all these people that do all of these massive records that you’ve kind of…

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