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Jack Prest on Analogue Vs Digital – Part 2

Analogue Vs Digital Part 2 – Synths and Drum Machines Read Part 1 Here For part two of the Analogue versus digital shootout we will be comparing (arguably) the worlds most famous drum machine, the Roland TR-808 with its software equivalent inside Ableton, and the monstrous Korg MS-20 with its software MS-20 from the Korg Legacy collection. Originally […]

July 3rd 2014   

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Ben Feggans on Loudness – Part 1

Loudness Part 1 One of the most common questions people ask a mastering engineer is “why is my track not as loud as everyone else’s?” In this article I’m going to explain in simple terms how humans perceive loudness and how it can be measured accurately.  Since the early Motown days of pressing vinyl, there […]

July 1st 2014   


Jack Prest on Analogue Vs Digital – Part 1

Analogue Vs Digital Part 1 – Custom 75 Console Demo To book Jack for your next project, contact Danielle on danielle@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888 The analogue versus digital debate is always sure to draw some strong opinions. On the one hand champions of the old school will wax lyrical about the magic of analogue equipment and tape recording, while […]

June 18th 2014   

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Leon Zervos: Why I use VU meters.

To book Leon for a mastering session, contact Lynley via mastering@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888. Help me make your mixes tighter. If you can make your mixes sound tighter when you are mixing, then I can take it the next level when mastering. If you listen to the old vinyl “sound” that everyone loves, one of the reasons it […]

June 16th 2014   

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EQ Shootout with Ben Feggans: Dangerous BAX Hardware vs UAD’s BAX plugin

To book Ben Feggans for a mastering session, contact Lynley via mastering@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888. Dangerous BAX verses UAD BAX – Shootout. The Dangerous BAX EQ was released in 2009 and is based on the famous “Negative Feedback Tone Control” by P. J. Bandaxall designed in the 1950s. This circuit is used in many hi-fi equipment bass and treble […]

June 2nd 2014   

Technical Insights

LinnDrum samples, Powered By Neve

For the next release in our drum samples series, and with our friends at Ableton Liveschool, we lined up a classic LinnDrum and sampled it through our Powered By Neve Custom Series 75 recording console, located in Studio 6 in Sydney. Enter your email address below to be sent a download link (Your email address […]

May 29th 2014   

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Bass on a Budget

I recently wrote this piece for our friends at Liveschool, but realised its relevant to our audience too. A wonderful thing about music production these days, is that you can do it without the need for a big studio. But if you’re interested in making bass heavy music, then there’s nothing more important than getting […]

May 27th 2014   

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Dithering – Andrew Edgson explains

To book Andrew Edgson for a mastering session, contact Lynley via mastering@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888 Any attempted discussion of dithering usually results in the collective groan by audio engineers everywhere; it is one of the most uninteresting and banal topics in the spectrum of audio production. However it is also one of the most […]

May 20th 2014   

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ISRCs explained

Lynley, our Mastering Coordinator explains the what, why and hows on everything ISRC. If you would like to obtain ISRCs, or book mastering, contact Lynley on mastering@studios301.com or 02 9698 5888 What is an ISRC? ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code, and is a unique 12 digit string of numbers that identifies a recording […]

April 24th 2014   


Korg Volca Beats – FREE Samples!

Late last year we collaborated with Ableton Liveschool on an Ableton Live pack featuring the Korg Volca Beats. For those that aren’t using Ableton Live, we now have the raw .wav samples available for download. Also see below for a special offer on the purchase of any Korg Volca… Download The Volca Beats Samples Enter your […]

March 27th 2014