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Jack Prest’s Tips & Tricks: Recording using only a few mics.

One of the hot topics requested through our Facebook page has been ‘recording using a small number of microphones. This is a really easy technique and can be far simpler and effective than putting out every mic you have just because you can. It is especially effective when wanting to achieve that ‘vintage’ sound. Of course, […]

October 16th 2013   


Guy Gray’s Tips & Tricks: CRITICAL LISTENING

Resident Producer/Engineer Guy Gray is back with another set of Tips & Tricks to share with you. This week, he lets you in on a simple but crucial skill – the gentle art of CRITICAL LISTENING. Every so often during your mixdown session, you should listen to your mix in mono at a very low SP […]

September 11th 2013   


Guy Gray’s Tips & Tricks: MIXING

Guy Gray as 30 years of experience includes engineering scores, large orchestral recordings, surround mixing as well as music production for successful film projects throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. He will be providing you a with a short series of Tips & Tricks, as only he knows how. To begin with, he delves into some MIXING secrets. (1) […]

September 3rd 2013   


Jack Prest’s Tips & Tricks – Parallel Compression

We ran a survey recently to discover what aspect of production many of you want to learn about. So, this time around I’ll be looking at a popular topic and technique, parallel compression. This is where you blend a compressed version of your signal back into the original. The idea being you can create a bigger, harder compressed […]

May 24th 2013