Jane Slingo An Executive Of EMC As Judge Electronic Music Competition 2017

Studios 301 Electronic Music Competition – Jane Slingo

The Studios 301 IS IT A BANGER? Electronic Music Competition is back for 2017! Since we’ve gone straight to the source this year and enlisted some of the industry’s most respected names as part of our ultimate prize package, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to get to know them a little better.

Meet Jane Slingo.

Artist Manager & Executive Producer of EMC

Studios 301 : Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m first and foremost an artist manager. I work with Gabby, Jono Fernandez, Sampology and Set Mo. They are all ridiculously talented, intelligent individuals and top shelf human beings – I’m very grateful to be working with all of them.

I’m also Executive Producer of EMC which is an annual event that runs over a few days in Sydney in the last week of November. EMC has different offerings for different types of people. Firstly, it’s a conference style event for professionals in the electronic music business or businesses related to the culture of electronic music. Ideas and insights are shared, new business models are highlighted and explored, forward thinking people share inspirational stories and case studies. People meet with colleagues and friends and make new ones. It’s a nice vibe because it’s a way for the industry to get together and celebrate the end of the year and the start of summer, and get inspired for the new year ahead. EMC also has a program stream called EMC Academy which delivers information on the fundamentals of the electronic music business, songwriting and music production workshops, educational workshops – essentially the EMC Academy program is there to give helpful information to assist people wanting to enter or starting in the industry navigate their way through it. EMCPlay is a bunch of night time showcases and parties where a diverse range of electronic music artists play for the public as well as those attending the conference. Across many electronic music genres, from live groups to solo acts to DJs. It’s pretty amazing seeing artists who’ve played at EMCPlay have really successful growth in their profile and career. Certainly not taking responsibility for any artist’s success, but I know that often little seeds planted at EMC and EMPlay have come to fruition in really lovely ways for many artists and their teams. Finally, we partner with Musica Copa which closes off EMC week with their awesome industry soccer tournament – basically all the key music companies get a team together and play against each other to raise money for multiple Australian charities. It’s a brilliant way to end the week, loads of fun, great networking and a really feel good, pay it forward kind of event.

I feel pretty much the same way about working on EMC as I do with my talented artists – very grateful to work on it. I wholeheartedly believe in its purpose and what it does for so many people.

Studios 301 : What do you think about the prize package and the winners opportunity?
It’s an incredibly comprehensive grand prize for any emerging artist. Not many artists get the chance to have this kind of support in the very early stages of their careers. It ticks pretty much every box you could dream of at entry level stage.

Studios 301: What you are contributing to the comp?
I’m contributing one on one time for the winner to spend with me, so they can get a deeper insight into the role of an artist manager, when is and isn’t the right time to bring in / sign with an artist manager, the different ways different managers and artists work together, what you should (and shouldn’t) expect an artist manager to do for you, and generally to answer any questions the winner wants to throw at me regarding artist management or developing themselves as an artist.

As well as this, EMC is also contributing a complimentary EMC Academy pass to this year’s EMC.

Studios 301: Why did you want to be involved?
Because I believe in its purpose and value. I’m proud to be a part of a community of organisations, businesses and people in electronic music that are banding together to give such a great opportunity to one of our country’s future stars.

Studios 301: What are your thoughts on local talent and developing it?
Thankfully, I’m seeing more artists and their teams developing talent as artists, not as brands. There is obviously still an essential need to be careful, clever and very thoughtful with your marketing, communication and the visual way you present an artist – but artists are human beings with special talents, they are not brands that churn out product. Becoming an artist with a sustainable long term career is a very challenging journey. There are many wonderful moments, but equally there are many tough moments. If we develop artists as a product and touring machine, we risk burnout, and we risk an artist declining as quickly as they rose. I really believe in nurturing an honest and unique creation and output of an artist’s music. It may not mean the quickest rise to success, but the journey to becoming a successful artist with a sustainable, long term career is a massive marathon, not a sprint.

Studios 301: Anything else you would like to add?
Good luck to all the talented individuals entering! And don’t be disappointed if you don’t win. The process of creating and finishing the best work you can is more important than the outcome.

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