Ben Morris As Electronic Competition 2017 Judge

Studios 301 Electronic Music Competition – BEN MORRIS Central Station Records and Tinted Records

The Studios 301 IS IT A BANGER? Electronic Music Competition is back for 2017! Since we’ve gone straight to the source this year and enlisted some of the industry’s most respected names as part of our ultimate prize package, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to get to know them a little better.

Meet Ben Morris.

Born in the UK yet recognised by Australia’s leading electronic labels and promoters across the country, Ben has worked as a DJ in Australia full time since 2004. Ben’s currently in A&R and Club promotions for Central Station Records / Tinted Music, Sup Girl and Bomb Squad.

Studios 301: What do you think about the prize package and the winner’s opportunity?
This is an amazing opportunity for any aspiring producer to fast-track their knowledge, experience and getting that first release out. 301 have pulled together some of the finest people in the industry to get involved with the winner’s project. In essence, the winner is getting access to years and years of experience

Studios 301: What are you contributing to the comp?
As a judge, I will be giving my input on what I see as the best release, as well as giving A&R feedback. I will also be involved in the release of the winners track on the best suited of our labels.

Studios 301: Why did you want to be involved?
Helping new artists kick goals is the part of my job I love the most. Being able to help yet another aspiring artist get

Studios 301: What are your thoughts on local talent and developing it?
We have some amazing talent in Australia at the moment. As far as developing it, as a label, we need to be able to hear a great idea in a track. Some guys are great producers but need that musical refinement. Others are the opposite. They might write killer ideas, but lack that polish on their production. It’s my job to help bring those ideas to life.

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