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The Studios 301 IS IT A BANGER? Electronic Music Competition is back for 2017! Since we’ve gone straight to the source this year and enlisted some of the industry’s most respected names as part of our ultimate prize package, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to get to know them a little better.

Meet Wilson Ole.

He’s been a respected name in the game for over a decade now, toured the world, had 3 #1 ARIA Club Charting records and a top 20 ARIA national record. (as well as countless top 20 and top 10 ARIA Club Charting records.) He’s had some international top 10’s and 20’s, been nominated for an ARIA award and won best dance music for 2012 Australian Independent music awards for “All My Friends” with Tommy Trash & Tom Piper. He’s currently signed to Universal Music publishing worldwide and to top it all off he is a co-founder and one of the directors for Upside Music & Playlist Pump. In short, he’s got some pretty impressive credentials.

Studios 301: What do you think about the prize package and the winners opportunity?
The prize package is amazing! I wish something like this was around when I was coming up in the industry! Getting the backing and support of these industry heavyweights in the dance music realm is insane! There shouldn’t be any excuse why the winner wouldn’t have a great kickstart to their career with these prizes by some of the industry’s elite!

Studios 301: What you are contributing to the comp?
My label/ pr/ digital agency will be offering a 1 month PR campaign to assist in launching the record and getting it to the world via the blog realm and also securing a blog premiere for the artist and record. Also some further advice and an SEO breakdown for the artist and website.

Studios 301: Why did you want to be involved?
To give something back to the industry that gave me so much and kickstarted my career!

Studios 301: What are your thoughts on local talent and developing it?
I am always about nurturing new blood into the game. When I was starting out I was mentored and was given guidance throughout my career, not all were good or right at that time but all were great lessons to evolve to the next phase. So I am all about passing on some of my knowledge and experience to the new blood that’s coming up the ranks!

Studios 301: Anything else you would like to add?
I would like to thank Studio 301 for having my team and I be a part of this amazing competition and to helping the next generation of talent get their foot into the door!

Tommy Trash & Tom Piper feat. Mr Wilson – All My Friends

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