Waves L1 Limiter by Jack Prest

Jack Prest’s Tips & Tricks – Waves L1 Limiter

Now this one isn’t exactly my tip, I get this one from watching Pensado’s Place, but it’s great so I wanted to share. Basically it’s a way to get that uber brick wall L1 limiting, without getting all the distortion that this plug-in can create.

Insert an instance of the L1 on your channel and bring the threshold/out ceiling down till you just start to see the smallest amount of gain reduction. Then push the out ceiling up to between -0.5dB & -1dB. Then tweak the release time to suit your sound source.

Finally, copy this L1 instance two or three times in serial, and there you go.

Epic brick wall, minimal distortion!

Jack Prest is an In-house Producer/Engineer at Studios 301